Watering Tips For The Greenest Lawn On The Block

Watering Tips For The Greenest Lawn On The Block


Setting up and maintaining a front lawn may not seem very compelling, but once you learn these installations offer a return of investment of 267% when you sell your house, you might change your mind. An extension of grass does not require a thoughtful design and landscaping process, but offers the relaxing and invigorating sight of a green garden.

It does require some organic lawn care and maintenance, like mowing regularly and using some fertilizer every now and then, and of course, enough water. There are smart and easy ways to keep your lawn growing healthy with the right watering hacks, so here are some tips for a great, green front yard.

Keep the right amount of thatch on the ground

When you mow your lawn, the tips of grass that fall on the ground – called the thatch – pile up and form a layer. People often remove this layer with a thatching rake, in a process called dethatching. A layer too thick will prevent the soil from absorbing water, and create a barrier between the two. If you water your lawn but there is too much thatch, you will see pools of water forming on the surface, which indicate that you should remove the excess thatch – not all of it, just the excess. Remember that thatch is a layer of organic matter that protects the ground from erosion and adds natural nutrients to the soil. A very thin layer of thatch is ideal for healthy grass.

Automated and sustainable watering systems

Watering your lawn by yourself can be an exhausting task, especially if you have a big garden. If you feel you can’t keep up, or that you would forget and leave your grass thirsty, then an automated watering system is a good choice. Water sprinklers are fairly popular, though some people are concerned about possibly wasting water. If this is your case, then you should turn on your sprinklers within the time range of 4-9 a.m., to minimize water evaporation under the sunlight.

Another great idea for a sustainable, automated watering system is gathering rain water. You can connect a dripping system or a semi-permeable hose to rain barrels, and just let Mother Nature do her thing. You can install one or more rain barrels, connecting them to your rain gutters – make sure the gutters are clean and unobstructed. They will gather clean, distilled water which will be distributed all throughout your lawn.

Low maintenance, high results

An extension of green, luscious grass on your front yard is a smart and very effective solution for your garden design. You can combine a healthy lawn with hedges, flowers and landscaping features to create a minimalist and inviting yard for your family to enjoy and your neighbors to admire. With the right watering technique you will save up in water and time and still feature a magnificent front lawn in your house.



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