Vastu Tips for Home Interiors Five Steps to Ensure Positivity in Home

Vastu Tips for Home Interiors Five Steps to Ensure Positivity in Home


Vastu Shastra is the text that describes our way of Living, Designs, and measures the layout of our life, according to the conventional system of architecture. It provides us with ways to live happily and avoid negativity.

Newlyweds are going to start their new journey. Whether setting up The bed of couples or choosing the color of walls, Vastu has rules for Interiors for home for One’s joyful life. So, we have for you the Vastu Tips for Home Interiors.

5 Vastu Tips for Home Interiors.

Here is the array of 5 Vastu Tips for interiors for home:

1. Vastu Tips- The Color of Walls

Yes!! Colour does matter According to Vastu, the color of your walls should always be light and gentle. One should never color the wall with dark tones of grey, red or purple. 

The colors one can use in the home, according to Vastu, include:

  • Light Pink
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue

If you want to be creative with Your home for its beautiful appearance, then you can go with The combination of blue and white or light pink or green. This can be done to most 2 bedroom townhomes.

2. Vastu Tips- Position of Bed

From the positioning of the bed to its material, one should follow the below-mentioned instructions:


  • The bedroom should not have pointed closets or scratches. It should have a regular flawless shape.
  • The material of the bed can be anything except those of metals. Metal beds in Vastu are known to build uncertainty between partners and disturbance in sleep.
  • Your bed must not be between two doors The bed must have a single mattress. A double mattress creates a detachment between pairs.

3. Vastu Tips- Positioning of Mirror

The position of the mirror should be accordingly:

  • First of all, the size of the mirror should be small. The giant mirror brings greater tension between couples leading to push to the limit of relationships. 
  • The mirror should never face you. Otherwise wise, it can drive you to marriage conflict.
  • More Giant mirrors in the room even lessen energy and create Health problems.

4. Vastu Tips- Decorative Items for your Room

  • According to Vastu, you should never choose single showcase items for your room. One should avoid keeping single animals such as single ducks or swans. 
  • A couple of photos should be placed in the west or southwest direction. Images of departed spirits should not be placed in the bedroom.

5. Vastu Tips- Tiles Used for Floor

Vastu Shastra strictly instructs us not to use broken or damaged tiles in either room Telesales color could be white or yellow made of marble. You can also choose tiles made of porcelain or ceramic.

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Hence these were the five steps to ensure positivity in a newlywed’s room These tips of Vastu can help new couples to live their life peacefully and move on to a stronger unbroken Lifetime relationship. A double mattress creates a detachment between pairs.


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