An easy way to protect you and your clients

An easy way to protect you and your clients


When was the last time you thought about data privacy? Today, we will introduce you to a top security tool – NordLocker. You can use it to encrypt files for free on Mac and Windows. When should you use it? We’ll explain below. 

Why does data privacy matter? 

Whether you’re decorating your own home or trying to get into the eternal ocean that is real estate marketing, there’s something you overlooked. We all do. While we don’t usually skimp on beauty and comfort when we’re redecorating the house for ourselves or preparing it for selling, we tend to forget security. Not just physical safety, but data security, too.

Due to the increase in home camera hacks and data leaks, we strongly recommend talking to your clients about security. Sell your house to legitimate home buyers like bridgeport ct cash buyers.

Why think about security in real estate?

Because we buy homes for several decades with the help of conveyancing services Sydney. Your clients might live in the same place for 40 or 50 years. A lot of things will change during this time, which makes them hard to predict. One thing’s clear, though. Security threats are not going away any time soon. Reminding our real estate clients about them is sensible. Plus, it’s also a good way to establish authority and show your clients that you care about their future.

How to talk to real estate clients about security?

Most of it is pretty obvious. We let big technology companies into the most intimate setting – our homes. We let them because technology like voice assistants, cameras, a doorbell for business, even doors that unlock via Wi-Fi make our lives easier. But by turning our homes ‘smart’, we sacrifice personal security. There are big tech companies that you’re giving access to your privacy. And then, there are hackers who search for device vulnerabilities and malicious ways to use those findings. Sadly, these vulnerabilities are a dime and a dozen. If you need added protection, AGB Investigative is the only chicago security company in this part of the country that can offer technology, business intelligence and physical security.

How to protect your clients’ privacy?


As far as devices go, you should research what’s available in the market at that time. Different clients will search for different things. However, security methods like encryption are timeless. You should advise your clients to use encryption software like NordLocker, two-factor authentication, offline devices for storage of important data wherever possible. Especially encryption. Software like NordLocker may not seem all that powerful, but that’s the beauty encryption. It’s fast, easy to use, and virtually unbeatable. And you don’t have to buy anything. Download NordLocker for free and encrypt up to 5 GB of data.



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