5 Enjoyable Career Options for Those Who Love Home Design

5 Enjoyable Career Options for Those Who Love Home Design


If you are often told that you have a knack for designing and decorating your home, and you’re great at matching colors or patterns around the house, you might consider taking your love of home design to a professional level, like perth commercial fit outs did. It’s not just interior design that you can do if you love home design however – there are many different career options in the field.

Interior Design

Of course, the classic interior designer is high up on the list of choices for those who love home design. Using your flair for design and knowledge of working with space and furniture, you’ll be tasked with making custom homes and offices stand out and look great. According to hairdressing salon fitouts, apart from having an impeccable eye for detail and a great knowledge of color theory if you focus on home décor, you’ll need to keep up to date with design trends and understand office layouts and workspaces well to succeed in the commercial sector of this career.

Furniture Design

Slightly more specialist, but no less interesting is the furniture designer. Creating custom furniture that caters to the functional and aesthetic needs of your home or business customers can be incredibly rewarding. Your artistic flair and ability to marry form and function will be your strongest assets in furniture design.

Exhibition Design

Creating and designing pop-up stands for exhibitions and remote home staging expos could be another interesting way to put your interior design experience and interest to use. Here you’ll be tasked with creating layouts and specifying décor choices to be used in booths provided to exhibitors.

Working knowledge of modular stands and their design, as well as the ability to quickly pick up and create designs using a company’s brand guide or industry focus are skills that you’ll need for exhibition design.

Set Decorator

Here is where you can really have your work seen! Working in the film or television industry as a set designer, decorator or set dresser takes your skills as an interior designer out of the home and office and puts it on a film set. You’ll need an understanding of cinematography and studio lighting to excel here, as well as a good working knowledge of color theory.

Set design and décor is a fast paced and incredibly varied and interesting job. It might be worthwhile having a working knowledge of health and safety for this role too and completing an OSHA 10 hour card certificate might give you an advantage.

Retail Store Designer

The retail store designer turns window dressing into a career. You’ll be responsible not only for the look and feel of the retail space, but also for the design of displays and arrangements of product showcases and promotions. Picture a walk through an Ikea shop to really get a good feel for what a retail store designer might be tasked with doing.

For those who love home design, a career in an interior design discipline might be a dream, and with such a wide variety of potential career paths, you’ll be spoiled for choice if you want to put your love of decor and flair for design to use.




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