5 Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room to Make It Look Classy

5 Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room to Make It Look Classy


Wall painting designs are becoming increasingly popular. India has a long history of folk art. Folk art includes decorating walls with traditional designs or tribal art. These time-honoured wall designs are lovely, and they’ll add beauty and a splash of colour to a bland wall. Here are 5 funky wall painting designs for your Living room ideas that will give your walls a stunning, one-of-a-kind look with help of Home renovation contractors.

The Different Types of Paintings to Make Your Living Room Look the Best

Nothing transforms a room more quickly and affordably than a fresh coat of paint. We’ve all had the experience of being perplexed on how to pick the right paint colors for your home at some point in our lives, and figuring out how to use them to your advantage can be a difficult puzzle to solve. ‘Color is the backbone of design,’ as the old adage goes. It certainly is since it has the ability to transform any room in a moment. However, you can also view more online if you prefer to hire an experienced residential painter to work with you to find the perfect color for your living room at a very affordable cost.

1. Warli wall painting


Custom home renovation paintings focused on natural elements and the use of simple geometric forms such as circles, triangles, and squares characterise Warli art. The various elements of nature are represented by these shapes. They are stunning in their simplicity, despite being rudimentary. Though Warli paintings are usually painted in white on earthy colours, adding colour to these works will give them a more modern feel. To explore more inspiration for your painting project, be sure to read this latest blog.

2. Madhubani

Madhubani art isn’t limited to a single form of expression. It’s equally lovely on walls, fabric, and paper. Madhubani art is known for its natural colours and eye-catching geometrical shapes. Traditionally, they show scenes from daily life or significant social events such as weddings. Madhubani is one of the must-try wall arts in modern homes because of the vibrant colours and easily recognisable style of painting.

3. Mandala painting

Mandala painting under custom home renovation has become increasingly common in recent years. The Mandala has developed from a simple symmetrical design with fine details and extensive use of wall paint colours to an elaborate symmetrical design with fine details and extensive use of wall paint colours. A large Mandala or a series of small Mandalas painted on the walls of your home will not only enhance the look but also add a spiritual aspect to the room.


Graffiti painting is the pinnacle of creative expression. Graffiti is the art world’s outlaw for custom home renovation. It is contemporary wall art at its finest. Graffiti art is known for its quirky patterns and social problems, which are painted with spray paint. A graffiti painting on the walls of your space will give it a contemporary art feel. After all, no two graffiti paintings are alike. As a result, a painting created for your walls would be one-of-a-kind and unlike any other.

5. Wall paint textures


Textured wall paint adds a new dimension to a room from professional painting services. Whereas paint improves the elegance of a wall in a single, flat dimension, texture adds another sensory dimension to the wall’s appearance. A texture applied to a single wall imbues the entire space with its personality. A decent room can be elevated to a great space with its own distinct personality with the use of textures. If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate any room in your home, M-Style offers great furniture style in Dublin.


Wallpapers can also be used to create textures with help of professional painting services. There are several different Wallpaper styles to choose from, including several truly unique designs. If paint textures aren’t your thing, consider using wallpaper to create a unique look by hiring residential house painting services.

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