Beautiful And Classy Living Room Designs To Make Your Home Look The Best

Beautiful And Classy Living Room Designs To Make Your Home Look The Best


Since you spend so much time in your living room, it must not only look amazing but also be functional and comfortable. Mastering this trifecta can be a design challenge, but we’ve compiled a list of the best living room examples to help you get started on your home renovations. There’s a living room concept for everyone below, from modern and formal spaces to approachable and rustic settings.

Try out on the quirky things.

Instead of a traditional stack of coffee table books, try something a little more quirky and one-of-a-kind for Your coffee table. The surface was covered with a series of classic pots and planters by Romanek Design Studio, which both enhanced and juxtaposed the formal, traditional elements in the space as well as the more contemporary ones, creating a pleasant and eclectic yet timeless whole.

1. Add lot of art pieces.

Take inspiration from this living room if you don’t want to play with a lot of patterns or bold colours but enjoy experimental pieces and tasteful bursts of colour. Rather than going all black and white, the anchor elements, such as the sofa and chairs, are kept neutral, while the throws, artwork, and lamp add a splash of colour (nothing too crazy, just marigold, red, navy, and green).

2. Add a floral touch

The traditional blue grasscloth wallpaper, floor lamp, and curtains set the tone for a traditional living space, but designer Heather Hilliard injected some surprisingly edgy elements. The floral sofa and green lucite coffee table add a nice touch to the space, breaking up the traditional elements without overpowering them.

3. Add upholstery to the walls.

Though traditional and timeless, interior designer Kevin Dumais’ living room is also a lot of fun. No detail is ignored, from the red-painted ceiling to the velvet floor cushions for extra seating and the bold artwork. Dumais upholstered the walls in a leather fabric to make the space feel even more soft and intimate.

4. Use the shades of white.

The jute rug, wood finishes, and brass accents add plenty of warmth to this eclectic living room crafted by Heidi Caillier, ensuring a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. The room’s playful yet formal spirit is also enhanced by the vivid contrasting prints used throughout. The interior painting using cream paint colour, while not particularly noticeable, makes a significant difference. The contrast between white and black would be even greater.

5. Understand what you need

Mind where you are until you begin decorating your living room. If you live in a casual beach house, for example, your design scheme would be very different than if you live in an urban industrial loft space. The design team at Arent & Pyke concentrated on channelling the tropical vibe of a coastal home through fun motifs and casual materials in this beach house. Fresh upholstery, exquisite artwork, and a thoughtful layout helped them retain a sophisticated look. If you’re a sucker for kitsch and wish you could be on island time all the time, add a hint of it with one statement item, such as a vintage Hawaiian-print rattan chair.

6. Add quality furniture

Wallpaper is one of those patterns that never goes out of style. If you choose a classic chinoiserie wallpaper, you can do almost anything with it as your taste evolves over the year. In this Miles Redd–designed home, Chuck Close’s modern self-portrait stands out against the chinoiserie wallpaper (Iksel’s Eastern Eden). The contrast doesn’t end there: Redd continued to defy design tradition by combining modern and antique furniture types and adding contrasting jewel tones. Oh, and the lime green chair is, believe it or not, from Ikea! Also, the best designers appreciate a good deal.



These are some of the Best ideas to make your living room classy and beautiful. Keep these in mind, and you will never have to think about a renovation again.



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