How to boost the size of your living room (without knocking down walls)

How to boost the size of your living room (without knocking down walls)


Unfortunately, at least when it comes to the topic of your home, size matters. This isn’t just from a sales point of view either; we all want to live in bigger houses, and this is why more and more of us are engaging in big extension projects.

According to, this issue is particularly common in the living room. Of course, not everyone has the budget available to knock down walls and create a completely new space. However, you can get creative about this and trick eyes into thinking the living room is bigger than what the blueprints specify – and this is where the rest of today’s article enters the picture.

Your TV needs to be promoted to the wall

In truth, even if this guide was only going to focus on living room trends, this is something that has been doing the rounds for some time. Then, when it comes to creating additional space, it makes even more sense.

Let’s think about it logically; when you, or a Denver TV mounting company, install this on the wall, you can suddenly eliminate that TV stand or cabinet from your room. This can make a monumental difference to your amount of available space, and the rest as they say, is history.

It can sometimes come down to a lick of paint

Sometimes, you don’t even need to use a screwdriver to repair the best box fan. As strange as it might sound, painting your walls a lighter shade can work miracles from a space-saving perspective so hire a painting contractor. You can read some more information from Infinity Painting for professional painting services.

This is all down to the way in which light reflects from walls. If you opt for the opposite and turn to darker paints, your walls start to absorb all the light and for your eyes at least the whole area seems a lot smaller than it really is, and you can also improve the feeling in the room with a better smell which you can do with incense cones and you can pop over to this article to find more about this.

Defy logic when it comes to furniture

This next point might not sound logical, but trust us, it works a treat. In small living rooms, one of the first things that many of us do is push furniture as close to the wall as the skirting boards allow. After all, this creates those gaping spaces in the middle of the floor, right?

Well, our eyes are smarter than that. They actually look for the opposite, meaning that if you can leave a couple of inches or more between your furniture and the walls you will immediately make the room look more open.

Work vertically with shelves

Far too many people working on their living room think very one dimensional when it comes to rearranging the space.


This is where you need to also look upwards, as well as around you. For example, you might not have much floor space to play with, but what about higher on the walls?

This presents a fantastic opportunity. Not only can you place furniture in another area of the room, but you can also start to draw people’s eyes upwards. When you do this, it’s another method of tricking the eye into thinking that a space is bigger than it really is.

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