100 Exceptional Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Modernity

100 Exceptional Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Modernity


Every kitchen has different needs according to its dimensions, a kitchen is considered to be the sole of home, where you spent a good amount of time on preparing food and even eating meals. So, we thought of collecting the good designs we liked from all over the internet, and provide you with an idea of how can a kitchen look more modernised yet functional.

You must have seen kitchen regularly use a tile to its backsplash, but in our collection you will find different ideas that are conventional and they look fabulous. From wooden backgrounds to a silicone splatter guard, you’ll find tons of different choices of material for backsplash guards. So, without wasting more of your time, just dive into some of the most excellent modern kitchen backsplash ideas that will give your old kitchen a complex.



2. Think Green

Think Green

3. New Mood Design

New Mood Design

4. Beaded Board

Beaded Board



6. Hardworking Wall

Hardworking Wall

7. Honua



8. Back – Painted Glass

Back-Painted Glass



10. Translucent Tile

Translucent Tile

11. Keramin Tiles

Keramin Tiles

12. Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass

13. Viola Park

Viola Park


14. Past Perfected

Past Perfected

15. Kitchens


16. Removable Fabric

Removable Fabric

17. Susan Serra Associates

Susan Serra Associates

18. Rustic Appeal

Rustic Appeal

19. Kitchen Lab


20. Removable Wallpaper

Removable Wallpaper

21. Brilliant blue

Brilliant blue

22. Separate but Synchronized

Separate but Synchronized

23. Linda Paul Studio

Linda Paul Studio

24. Contact Paper

Contact Paper



26. Family Friendly

Family Friendly

27. Stainless Steel Metal & Glass Mosaic

Stainless Steel Metal & Glass Mosaic

28. Contact Paper Tiles

Contact Paper Tiles

29. Michaels Design

Michaels Design

30. Beach Cottage Colors

Beach Cottage Colors

31. Fleur de Lis kitchen

Fleur de Lis kitchen

32. Crosshatch Vinyl

Crosshatch Vinyl



34. Distraction – Free Zone

Distraction-Free Zone

35. Christopher


36. Faux Tin Tile

Faux Tin Tile

37. Fine Senses

Fine Senses

38. Timeless Welcome

Timeless Welcome

39. Rustic Kitchen Design with Italian Country

Rustic kitchen design with Italian Country

40. Curvy Integrated

Curvy Integrated



42. Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic

43. Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise

44. Stacked Pebbles

Stacked Pebbles

45. biometric art

biometric art

46. Classic Subway Tile

Classic Subway Tile

47. Italian Kitchen

Italian Kitchen

48. Pallet Wood

Pallet Wood



50. Modern Musings

Modern Musings

51. Remodeling Kitchen

Remodeling kitchen

52. Wine Cork

Wine Cork

53. Sullivan Countertops

Sullivan Countertops

54. Warm Accents

Warm Accents

55. Backsplash Material

Backsplash Material

56. Big Chalkboard

Big Chalkboard

57. Desire to Inspire

Desire to Inspire

58. Solution to Steel

Solution to Steel

59. Cupboards


60. Chalkboard Subway Tile

Chalkboard Subway Tile



62. Cabinet Complement

Cabinet Complement

63. Chateau Grape Medallion

Chateau Grape Medallion

64. Stenciled Backsplash

Stenciled Backsplash

65. Henry Built

Henry Built

66. Enhance Spaciousness

Enhance Spaciousness

67. Vertical Glass Mosaic

Vertical Glass Mosaic

68. Fish Scale Stenciled

Fish Scale Stenciled

69. Shirley Parks Design

Shirley Parks Design

70. Steal the Show

Steal the Show

71. Yellow Moroccan Tile

Yellow Moroccan Tile

72. Renewal Design Build

Renewal Design Build

73. Sea of Green

Sea of Green

74. Turquoise Chevron Mosaic

Turquoise Chevron Mosaic

75. Fiorella Design

Fiorella Design

76. Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Kitchen

77. Green Chevron Tile

Green Chevron Tile



79. Work Order

Work Order

80. Glass Mosaics

Glass Mosaics

81. Mojepowidoki


82. Stylish Merger

Stylish Merger

83. Green Glass Accent Wall

Green Glass Accent Wall



85. Niche Market

Niche Market

86. Sapphire Blue Subway Tile

Sapphire Blue Subway Tile

87. Tetris Tiles

Tetris Tiles

88. Light and Lovely

Light and Lovely

89. Yellow Vertical Subway Tile

Yellow Vertical Subway Tile

90. McKinney York

McKinney York

91. Energizing Tile

Energizing Tile

92. Mini Subway Tile

Mini Subway Tile

93. Incorporated NY

Incorporated NY

94. Beveled Beauties

Beveled Beauties

95. Dark – Grouted Subway Tile

Dark-Grouted Subway Tile

96. Koh Alicia

Koh Alicia

97. Colorful Kitchen Backsplash

Colorful Kitchen Backsplash

98. Traditional White Subway Tile

Traditional White Subway Tile

99. Coco Cozy

Coco Cozy

100. Cottage Charm

Cottage Charm


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