Different layers of colored acrylic Chair (10 Photos)

Different layers of colored acrylic Chair (10 Photos)


Layer is a chair that lets you customize it to become your own individual piece of art. Designed by Sohyun Yun, the chair is made of clear acrylic with voids in the seat and seat back where you can slide in up to three different layers of printed or colored acrylic panels.

Layer-Chair 1

The idea behind the chair is that with you easily being able to change the look of it, that you wouldn’t get tired of it. To start off, Yun looked at today’s consumerism where people follow trends until something new comes along and they throw out the old. This way, by having a chair where you can replace the layers when the mood strikes you, it becomes a piece you’ll keep.

Layer-Chair 2

Layer comes with a limited number of prints of your choice, making it more exclusive and original to you. Prints can be textures, famous artworks, or various patterns.

Layer-Chair 3

Layer-Chair 4

Layer-Chair 5


Layer-Chair 6

Layer-Chair 7

Layer-Chair 8

Layer-Chair 9

Layer-Chair 10

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