Advice To Help You Properly Mix Metals In Interior Design

Advice To Help You Properly Mix Metals In Interior Design


Mixing metals if often mentioned as something that you do not want to do in interior design. This is completely incorrect since metals can be mixed in so many interesting ways that you are surely going to appreciate. In fact, it is a huge part of some styles, like medieval interior design or industrial design.

The idea of not mixing metals was only relevant during the eighties. If you want to add some really interesting visual interest or you want to have space that has more depth, metal mixing is something to consider. You just need to do it in a proper way. This is why you should be aware of the following tips.

Work With One Dominant Metal

Think about a metal finish that you prefer and use it as the dominant part of the mixture. After, select up to 2 other metal accents that would end up completing the appearance of the room. The primary metal guarantees that health clinic interior design has unity. Accent metals help guide your eyes all throughout the room.

Blend Cool And Warm Tones

The warm metals (like brass and gold) offer texture and a strong pop of color when you combine them with some cool metals, like chrome and silver. In the event that your kitchen is modern and based on stainless steel items, add a vintage piece that has gold in order to increase overall charm. In a similar way, in the event that you have a lot of white and gold space in the kitchen, add pendant light or a chrome table to create the needed metallic equilibrium. When you feel that the kitchen feels cold, add some antique brass, regular brass, gold tones or iron. You can check out this kitchen showroom Sydney to clearly visualize how your kitchen will look.

Don’t Forget About Color Palette

The warmer metals like copper, brass and gold will work really well with warmer hues like browns, yellows and browns. The cooler metals like silver and chrome will work much better with the cooler hues like violet, green and blue.

One of the really interesting options to consider is adding metals to airy, serene spaces that have neutral pallets. You can add brass or gold accents to get a perfect mixture of texture, color and warmth.


Don’t Forget About Adding Texture

Metal finishes add texture and you want them to be varied so that space can look better. You should never be afraid to add multiple textures. You can easily combine polished, hammered and matte finishes. This can create a visually delicious and rich atmosphere.

Subtility Can Work Great

You can add many metals to the space but they should never compete for the attention of the viewer. Cluttering space by adding too many metals is a very common mistake. Mixing metals is usually all about adding a maximum of 3 finishes. When a neutralizer is necessary, something natural like wood or iron can work really well. All of these elements give you the perfect modern industrial touch that is usually wanted and they will not clash when other metals are present. Natural choices can also add grounded elements to the color palette you choose.



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