15 Unique Cat Houses for Modern Living

15 Unique Cat Houses for Modern Living


Feline Good: Modern Cat Perches, Houses & Scratchers

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We don’t own our cats, they own us – and these fun feline furniture designs celebrate their rightful places in our homes. That is, sneering down at us from elevated perches on the walls and ceiling, as is befitting of their status. From modern cat beds that look right at home beside Arne Jacobsen chairs and modular cardboard box play sets to entire custom habitats built into their humans’ houses, these cool cat-centric products go way beyond what you’ll find at your local pet store, and getting a cat tree for for large cats online could be a great option for cats to play in.

All-Seeing Cats: Ceiling-Mounted Feline Playgrounds

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Our feline overlords can literally look down upon us from their elevated perches in this series of wall- and ceiling-mounted cat furniture by Goldtatze. German company Goldtatze designs modular elements that can be combined in various ways to create unique feline playgrounds with bridges, hammocks, scratching posts, beds and little covered houses with holes so they can stay hidden while silently judging you from above.

4 Sculptural Modern Cat Houses by Architecture

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A group of architects teamed up to produce sculptural modern cat furniture for the Giving Shelter fundraiser, which donated its proceeds to the non-profit, cat-focused organization FixNation. The same attention to detail that you’d see in a human house was applied to these structures , many of which combine cat comfort with functionality for their human owners.


Meyou Cat Cocoons

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For everyone who’s ever lamented the gaudy cat bed selection at a local pet store, there’s Meyou, a line of modern minimalist cat furniture by Parisian designer Aude Sanchez. These cocoon-like beds feature spherical, replaceable inserts that allow cats to scratch the temptingly nubbly surface to their hearts’ content.

Cat Study House: A Tent for Cats

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Give your kitty (or small dog) her very own tent with Cat Study House, a portable yet sturdy little shelter made from canvas, a bamboo framework and joints made of copper and acrylic. It’s lightweight, washable and features a little porthole at the top so your pets can keep an eye on you.

Built-in Shelves Designed with Cats in Mind

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This set of built-in shelves wasn’t just designed for books and knick-knacks. They’re angled around wooden scratching posts so the residents’ cats can lounge wherever they like. There’s even a hidden litter box cabinet tucked beneath the countertop.

Modular Cardboard Cat Houses

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You can buy your cat all sorts of fun toys and houses, but chances are, they’ll be more interested in the cardboard boxes the items came in. The Blocks Playhouse by Dutch company Poopy Cat simply makes them a little more fun and accommodating with DIY flat-pack kits you can assemble yourself into custom cat playgrounds. The set includes ramps and bridges as well as shelters of various sizes and shapes.

Cat Cloud Shelf

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Cats seem to float on clouds with this set of white double-platform, wall-mounted beds. Strong metal platforms covered with magnetically-attached sheepskin pads give cats their own place to lounge, freeing up space on the floor and couch. Sheepskin pads in general are very soft, and you buy them online for any sunbeam spot your cat enjoys lazing around in.

Cat-a-Combe Suspended Cat Cave

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The Cat-a-combe is a hanging ‘cat cave’ made of birth plywood that doubles as a sculptural object. Says design firm Atelier Suburban, “Your cat is definitely going to give up her plans of killing you if you buy her this hammock.”

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