Top Tips to Choose Pet and Child Safe Blinds

Top Tips to Choose Pet and Child Safe Blinds


When it comes to your kids and pets safety no warning levels seem enough. No one can deny the potential hazards of strangulation that window covering cords pose for pets and kids That’s why more and more people are looking for safer window covering options, such as Roller Shutters Sydney.

As per US Consumer Product Safety Commission, on average, every month, window covering cords are responsible that a child between 7 months to 10 years of age will die due to strangulation. Well, there are ways to eliminate these risks by making a wise decision while selecting the window blinds for your space.


Gently push up or pull down for smooth and easy operation. The blinds and shades don’t have dangling cords that pose a strangulation threat. The cords actually run down through the slats. It’s proven safe just like the ones from window blinds palm desert.

In cellular shades, the cords are hidden in between the two pieces of fabric. Well, in roller shades Orlando, you have a cordless system, which means there is no need for cords at all. In Roman shades, you have cords at the back of the shade running down.

Motor Operated – Motorized

Yes, there is a remote control through which you can control how the blinds and shades operate just as you do with your T.V. They are pricey but worth every single penny for investing. Some of the window treatments Orlando that can be motorized are: Cellular shades and roller shades. One can even try motorized options with horizontal blinds but you will have to spend more.

Interior Shutters

Plantation Shutters are the safest window treatments for kids and pets. No Strings or other dangerous pieces make the shutters the safest of all coverings. If you fancy safe and affordable shutters, here are the experts in Rolling Shutters Installation.

We at Gator Blinds offer our customers a wide range of custom shutters, cellular shades, pleated shades and roman shades, which come with a continuous cord loop system designed specially from the point of view of kids and pets safety. There is a tension device attached that holds the bottom of the cord thus eliminating the chances of a child inserting his or her head through the loop.

Well, nothing is just enough when it comes to child’s safety. Make sure that you keep a tab on the state of your window coverings from time to time. If there are window covering with dangling cords, replace them in the first place. Follow the instruction guidelines properly and in case of any issue, call for expert guidance.

With corded blinds, you can do things like using a cord cleat to hold the lift cords or cut them placing them out of the reach of children.  Cordless lift systems and motorized options are the best and the safest choice when you have to choose window coverings with kids and pets around.




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