Thoughtful Ways to Add More Personality to Your Home

Thoughtful Ways to Add More Personality to Your Home


If an acquaintance walked into your home, would they have an idea of who lived there? Your home should be a place of comfort. It should make you happy. Your home should lift your spirits. Painting your home’s interior can give your space a breath of fresh air. A fresh coat of paint has an extraordinary effect on a room. Whether you’re repainting an accent wall or remodeling the entire house, your home or business deserves high-quality, professional painting services from painting contractors like the best Cincinnati interior painters you can trust.And it should be decorated with the styles, trends and items that make you feel that way. Here are a few ways to add some personality to your own home.

Personality to Your Home

Draw Inspiration From Your Favorite Decade

Mid-Century: The mid-century modern era began in 1933, but today you can still see elements of this design trend in modern-day decor. Add some mid-century flair to your space with bright hues or earthy tones such as red or olive medical friendly upholstery, recommends Architectural Digest. Additional items such as candle holders and cocktail tables can also make a welcomed addition to a mid-century modern space.

Retro: Bring the styles of the 1960s, which often featured furniture upholstered in paisley or floral, into your space. Bright colors were also a staple of this era, think avocado green and yellow. Lava lamps were invented in the 60s and were a defining look in this decade’s decor. Other items such as bean bags and shag rugs were commonly found in 60’s homes. If you’re looking for vintage and retro signs to hang around your house to give it that extra retro flair, check out Route 32 original signs.

Incorporate Today’s Trends

Quick Fixes: Trends come and go. Sometimes as quickly as the season’s change. Rather than undergo a full-scale remodel, add some personality to your home and incorporate the latest home design trends. One way to update tiled areas of your home, think the kitchen or bathroom, is with tile stickers. These handy stickers are simple to place and can be removed with ease. According to commercial painters, another way to design with the latest trend is with paint. Painting is an affordable option for homeowners who’d like to somehow incorporate the Pantone color of the year. Contact your interior painting contractors to discuss your painting plans and ideas.

Natural Elements: Natural elements are a key staple of 2018 home decor. But not everyone has the budget to add natural limestone or bamboo floors. But you can get Stonemason tools & supplies and add a touch of your personality and get in on the natural element decor trend by adding lush green houseplants to your living spaces. First, make sure the houseplants have ample natural light. Then, use plant stands of varying heights, or think vertically and hang your plants to add interest to your home.

Design With Yourself in Mind

Artwork and Antiques: Family heirlooms and antiques can be used in your design scheme. These special pieces can be used to tell the story of your family. Other pieces special to you such as artwork by your favorite painter or photographer can be used to add some of your character to your abode. You can also have a replica of your favorite artwork or photograph through metal printing services. Make sure you check out this post to know more.

Achievements and Memorabilia: Simply put, your home should represent you. Use your home office or a blank hallway to display your achievements. This can be anything from a college degree to medals or trophies. Additional items that are important to you, such as memorabilia items including concert tickets or vacation photos, can be used around the home to show off your own identity.

What does your home say about you? Whether you take styling cues from your favorite decade or incorporate the latest design trends, these tips can help you add some personality to your very own home.


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