The Colours of 2018

The Colours of 2018


Alas, it’s finally here! The infamous ‘Dulux’s colour of the Year’ for 2018 has been named as … Heart Wood. Understandably this may leave a few people a little underwhelmed and even confused.. especially if you’ve never heard of this colour until now. ‘Heart Wood’ sits between a smoky taupe (greyish brown) and dusky mauve (pale purple), it’s been described as a warm, neutral colour with a hint of heather. This soft colour comes at the perfect time when most are looking to create a place of zen within their home, something that this shade can definitely contribute towards. In fact, there are so many beautiful colours that you can pair this colour with, it also makes a great accompaniment for the increasingly popular Hygge theme that’s taken the interior world by storm.

So what kind of rug will really compliment the ‘Colour of the Year’? Well, considering that the choice of this colour was inspired by warm, wooden materials that are used in the world of interior design we think something more along the lines of a natural coloured rug should be used. Anything from neutral creams, or even modernizing it up a little with colours of a chrome undertone..

Heart Wood

There are a number of looks that can be created using this colour, and along with those looks are different rugs to accompany them too. One of the most anticipated looks is combines Heart Wood with various shades of cool blue, this allows a crisp and calm appearance in the room itself. The perfect rug to place alongside this would be a subtle duck egg blue rug, this would compromise the cool tones of the room but create a warmer, more homely atmosphere.

As mentioned previously, the colour of the year also works incredibly well with wooden interiors. By combining the colour with layers of different textures it allows you to create an air of luxury within the space as well emphasising on the architectural features of the room. In this sort of scenario we would recommend placing a cream/neutral shaggy rug to help break up the layers and add an extra air of comfort to the space. The great thing about shaggy rugs is that they are incredibly durable, really easy to keep clean and don’t shed lots of fluff in the room like other types of rugs.

Heart Wood Palette

If you want to inject a little playfulness and energy into your room then why not mix it up with not only Heart Wood on the walls but yellows and bursts of greens too! It sounds a bit strange at first but this is a really eye-catching interior style, it offers the right balance of calming colours and vibrant tones at the same time. The aim of this style is to really uplift the space that is in, as well as offering a bit of sophistication too. We feel that this sort of look would work best in a kitchen area, the most energetic room in the house. Add a bit of eccentric flow with a mustard coloured plain rug, that way you can still have a calm effect but create an air of contemporariness too.

So there you have it, just a few of our ideas on how to incorporate the colour of the year with your interiors, if you have any other suggestions please feel free to get in touch; we’re open to all ideas!



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