Perfect Trees To Plant Around Your Home

Perfect Trees To Plant Around Your Home


You want your home to be your sanctuary and planting trees, bushes, and shrubs around your home will add much-needed shade, privacy, a pop of color and even value to your home, when you decide you’d like to bring that large tree with you too, visit for help.

A simple trip to your local garden store and you can change your dull backyard into a stunning oasis that makes you think you left and went on vacation. Hebe’s are also a wonderful addition to any garden, and we found an amazing Hebe specialist recently who have been superb so check them out if you need the best Hebe’s in the UK.

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You can start with planting some Dogwood trees which bring beauty to your yard all year long. The tree blooms white, pink and red blossoms during the spring and then once summer hits, the branches are covered in a lush and compact canopy of leaves and foliage throughout the whole season. A lot of Dogwoods will display some red and orange foliage in the fall before they shed their leaves to show off an attractive, birch-like branch in the winter. There are a variety of Dogwoods for most parts of the United States, making it one of the most popular trees in the country, find them or other similar specimens at

If you want another tree that can double as a shade tree and a great yard ornamental, a tulip tree is a great one to plant, click to find out more about a local tree company who can help you. In the springtime it bursts into bloom with tulip-shaped flowers and then in the fall it sports bright yellow leaves before it sheds for the winter.

You should know what garden zone your state is in because these trees can be grown in zones four through nine, which are usually colder climates, but it makes the tulip tree an ideal choice for yards throughout the country. The biggest note is making sure your yard can handle the height of the tree because they tend to be fast-growing, stretching to the sky over two feet in a year.

If you are a fall nut, and want to add a tree that doesn’t just become green after spring and summer, fading to branches that you don’t ever notice except for the warm months, then the sugar maple tree is the tree for your yard. This tree will grow to 60 to 75 feet tall, so make sure you have a yard or growing space with ample room for a tree that will boast a spreading canopy that puts on a show once those autumn breezes sweep across your yard. In such case consider contacting Affordable Tree Service Bronx. The brilliant hues of fall really shine through one this American favorite yard ornamental.

If you are looking for privacy from nosy neighbors or live in a neighborhood where the homes are just too close together, you may want to consider planting the “green giant” arborvitae. These plants are popular for privacy for a multitude of reasons since they are fast-growing, exceptionally hardy, tolerate almost any soil and have a pleasant, eye-pleasing conical shape. You can always call Tree Dr – Tree Surgeons for the maintenance of a big tree as well as for tree removal flowery services.

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Another tree that can be planted in almost any yard and in any space is the weeping cherry tree. It is a romantic tree with cascading branches that bloom with white or pink blossoms in the spring. It will highlight your yard and only grow to 20 to 30 feet tall with a 20-to-25-foot spread.

When choosing to plant trees in your yard, do your research, find out your garden zone and soil type and you will not only save yourself future headaches of root damage or constantly falling leaves, but you will make a stress-free decision that will add beauty, comfort and value to your home. Before moving in you can consult professionals from a top home inspection Las Vegas. If you want to remove some trees before planting new ones and plan your landscaping.



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