Unconventional Career Pursuits after Class 12


We are listing a few best paid unconventional career options which students can proceed after class 12 irrespective of their stream. By going through these career alternatives, you will understand how your pursuit and hobby can set out to be the best earning opportunity for you.

Engineering, law, medical, and business administration and management have been the most sought-after career choices in India for several years. Most parents expect their kids to join either of these prestigious jobs without comprehending their kids’ abilities and interests. However, now one can find multiple alternate opportunities. It can encourage him/her to initiate a lucrative and stable career that is far exciting and innovative. Gone are the times when the marks in school or college were to determine destiny.

Today, all you want is to share your hidden desires with a brain and spirit ready for research. After all, there is no freedom like the 21st century to crush the boundaries of custom and traverse career prospects in the fields you have ever covertly aspired to get a break into. Here are some of the modern sought-after unconventional career possibilities that are becoming popular among people these days.

1. Animation

With the mounting dominance of technology, a career in animation has matured as one of the most gratifying jobs in the contemporary era. Animation, which is the vision of a movement of an illustration created by displaying a sequence of still images in rapid continuation, is no longer restricted to the cartoon category you cherished to follow as a kid.

However, it has developed in a vast sphere to design visual effects for movies, advertisements, video games, online learning programmes, mobile designs, and other media plans using illustrations and software applications. The animation enterprise has boundless expanse for those who admire creating magic. In India, though this form of art was included later than that in the other developed nations, the animation industry is still on the path of augmentation and equipped to experience a prolonged spell of the boom.

Well skilled and qualified experts are high in the market, not only in India but abroad also. To get supremacy in such computer graphics, one must pursue a bachelor’s degree in animation after finishing his/her diploma or certification program.

2. Digital Marketing

The world is progressing Digital, and by the year 2020, all the companies worldwide, including India, will have online proximity and thus create a lot of career possibilities. It is a revisionist field. With technology improving every day, you have to continuously improve your digital marketing skills so that your profession keeps growing. According to an analysis, the digital economy is expanding ten times faster than the conventional economy.


Firms that interlace in online trading are double as likely to be generating jobs as firms that aren’t. It furnishes you with various career opportunities. If you love coding, you can work for web designing or a born writer, perform as a content marketing and so on. You don’t have to spend restless nights mugging up the equations you will nevermore use in your lifetime. You can groom as you wish, so say bye-bye to the boring formals. Some of the Significant roles in Digital Marketing are:-

Digital Marketing Manager or Director

You can say that this is one of the most distinguished posts in Digital Marketing. To achieve this position, one must have 5-7 years of expertise in Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Manager/Director looks after the overall marketing development, devising policies that will drive more traffic, engaging digital marketing campaigns, delivering improvements in the website, modernizing it regularly, etc.

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Web Developer & Designer

Those are the people who are accountable for the beautiful websites that you unfold across on the internet. The terms web developer and network designer are used reciprocally, but a web developer’s role is a particular one, whereas a web designer does many items. As a web developer/designer, you’ll be accountable for designing, coding and remodelling websites, delivering them appealing and user-friendly. Previous knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS and web programming is assumed to get into this character.


Social Media Executive and Manager

Job in social media is an excellent job, but don’t confuse Tweeting and Facebooking. There is more extended to it. As a social media executive or manager, you must withhold on the most advanced social media trends and design strategies subsequently, co-ordinate with the content partners and client servicing crew regularly, generate quality content or video, etc. Awareness about all the social media programs and a lot of creativity is essential for this job task.

SEO Expert or Executive

A well-designed website will be of no worth if it does not own people who can elevate it. Thus, the organisation charters SEO executives who ensure that its website is all across the web. SEO executives are accountable for getting traffic on the website and updating Google rankings. They have to ensure that the website’s content is search friendly, control keyword research, research SEO tools, develop sitemaps, submit them, etc.

Content Marketer

If you believe you can compose better than what is previously there on the web, you are absolute for this role. Content marketing’s trustworthiness involves generating content with all the characteristics of going viral, guaranteeing that the content is developed well through SEO, coordinating with other teams, consolidating their inputs in content, following content inclinations, etc. To grow into content marketing, you will require an excellent comprehension of the English language, along with a bundle of creativity.

There are various other roles or appointments in Digital Marketing that depend upon the business and its necessities. Some of them are:

  • Analytics Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • CRM Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Digital Agency Account Director

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3. Event Management

We attend anniversary celebrations, cultural gatherings, meetings and weddings; at work, we go to expositions, marketing drives, conferences, merchandise launches. Most of it there, we have events such as fashion shows, cultural programs, and religious gatherings. The truth is that events and opportunities form an indispensable part of our life. But the sheer delight of an event or circumstance can be experienced if it is organized well. This is why, nowadays, people seek the help of professionals to organize and manage their affairs.

Event management is a multifaceted activity. Major constituents of this profile include creativity, careful planning, advertising, relationship management, marketing and much more. It is an outstanding career choice that does not have much investment and offers a good amount of autonomy and flexibility in work.

4. Photography

It feels like grabbing a significant scholarship when a friend of yours addresses your name for ‘PC’ (Picture Credit) under his wonderful picture that you captured. Is this odd? Not. When your skill gets appreciation in any form, you feel gratified. If you have got that artistic eye with optical imagination, why not extend this talent to earn your career. All you require for the job is practice and perseverance.

Moreover, a decent technical background helps complement the creative side. With the rapid growth of communication networks, an explosion of the advertising sector and media communications, and the fashion boom, digital photography has become the modern version of this art form. Various career options in photography are wildlife photography, adventure photography, Fashion/Beauty photography, wedding photography, and many more. You may get assistance in editing professional photos from Zenith Clipping, a professional clipping path company in Bangladesh with more than 150 Photoshop professionals. They have 11+ years of experience in photo editing services. They have become one of the fastest-growing photo editing service providers since 2010.What can be more satisfying than adapting your favourite art into a financial enterprise that will recognise you to have played and earned at the same time?

5. Game Designer/Developer

While manipulating the game joystick, the sense of responsibility to bring Mario to its destination was the real fun of childhood. Video games have perpetually been the top choice of everyone when it comes to filling free time. Today there are as various kinds of video games as there are characters. The growth of smartphones and iPads has created mobile gaming the fastest-growing business segment, contributing vast employment to entertainment designers and developers.

As a game designer, you’ll perform the indispensable role of designing characters, the game’s theme, establishing its rules, levels, mysteries, artwork and animation. Thus take a step ahead to register this multi-billion dollar enterprise with the potential for you to engage your creativity and intelligence lose.

6. Professional Dancer

Dance is the art of body mobility. From time immemorial, dance has forever been a component of every Indian season or event. A few decades back, dance was acknowledged as manifesting joy and happiness only. Today, this form of art has become an encouraging profession for many, earning their name, fame, and money.

People exercise various dance forms or work as choreographers for movies or series. Dancers also serve as yoga or fitness instructors. No other exercise is deemed better than dance which entitles you to connect your body part in the physical activity. There is no distinct age to learn dancing. All you require is the will power to learn the art. Thus, if you strive for a dance career, you should possess an inborn talent that can be intensified with a bit of training and supervision.

7. Fashion Designing

Fashion design is the art of planning clothing and lifestyle accessories. It has come a great way from the designer dresses worn by the ancient world’s crowned rulers to today’s textile’s haute couture brands. Fashion designing is the most profitable, charismatic and appealing career options, which retrieves talented people an opening to earn name, rank and handsome income. Besides composing attires for exhibitions, ramp shows and star performers, one can also initiate his/her garment store, stylist cloth chains or boutique. Thus, if you can conceive magic with colours, patterns and designs, then take a professional program to begin a successful career in the glamorous and enthralling universe of fashion designing.

To sum up…

So, people! Quit that attitude of following conventional approaches determining so-called high-profile medical, engineering, or teaching services. It is the moment to listen to the beatings of your heart, travel beyond the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ to search for that secret talent that you couldn’t eternally exhibit under the stress of persevering a profession of society’s preference.


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