What Are Table Lamps Why Are They So Trending

What Are Table Lamps Why Are They So Trending


Are you looking for the Best table lamps in the market? Well, if you have an affirmative answer, then this article will help you buy the best lamp altogether.

Moreover it will help people to understand that buying the best table lamps requires several considerations.

A Complete List of The Best Table Lamps For A Mesmerizing Interior


For instance, the battery life and the looks of the Table lamp are very important factors to keep in mind while choosing one.

The list of the best table lamps available in the marketplace has been provided in the following way.

1. Hugo Table Lamp

Image Source: Amazon.com

If you’re looking for an artistic table lamp that will decorate your table to the maximum possible extent, then this is the best available to you.

This table lamp comes at a very genuine cost. It can provide at least 4700 hours of continuous working it is known to have a great life.

At the same point in time, the light that is illuminated by this lamp is very warm.

It is known to have a warranty life of 2 years it has a wooden base for the perfect balance to be maintained.

2. Tu Casa Iron Table Lamp

If you want a tall table lamp, then this is the best option available to you at a reasonable cost. The cap of this table lamp is made up of optical color, beautiful to decorate next to your Desk Accessories at your office space.


It is known to radiate white light, which is very cool. At the same point in time, the stand is made up of an iron rod.

The height is approximately two feet. At the same point in time, it has a great voltage of power.

The best part about this clamp is that it can even be used during the night to study. 

3. VRCT Khadi Shade Lamp

If you are looking for an aesthetic lampshade, then this is The perfect choice available for you.

There is a wooden stand on which three bulbs are attached. It is important to make sure that the light radiated by this lamp is the warm light.

It does not cause any strain on the eyes. It can control its light according to the availability of Light in the room.


It has an automatic sensor to control the brightness as well.

4. A Fast Designer Table Lamp

Image Source: Flipkart.com

It is a Beautiful designer table lamp that is made up of blue and yellow coloured crystals. It radiates wonderful white light.

It is used by almost every type of person who wants to decorate his home with beautiful colors.

This Designer lamp is made up of metallic crystals, which give a very Beautiful look.

It can be used as a designer Table lamp and a showpiece as well. It works on battery and has good battery life.

The price of this table lamp is expensive due to its amazing look.

5. Philips Air Led Lamp

This is one of the most portable table lamps that is used by most people these days. It comes in black and white color.

It has a touchscreen sensor that can control the amount of light. It comes at a very reasonable cost and has long battery life.

It gives an amazing white light, which does not put any strain on the eyes it comprises of LED bulb and uses the least amount of power.

6. Home Center Ceramic Table Lamp

Beautiful table lamps to Decorate your study table with, this is the best option you have in the marketplace.

It is considered to be a very beautiful table lamp that comes in light peach color.

This beautiful table lamp has a very compact design and is portable. People can transport this table lamp from one place to another depending upon their requirement.

This table lamp works on a battery which has to be charged regularly. 

7. Wipro Led Lamp

Image Source: Amazon.in

If you are looking for an energy-saving table lamp, then this is the best type of lamp you will find in the market presently. It works on solar technology and accordingly can absorb the sunlight.

The light can be controlled with the help of the regulator attached to this LED lamp’s panel.

It usually comprises a combination of at least 14 lamps to give the best light. The people use it to a great extent to work at night especially. 

8. Swabs Study Table Lamp

In this table lamp, you get the option of 2 bulbs. This table lamp is considered to be very effective.

It can give both warm light and cool light according to the temperature of the room.

If a person wants to buy the study lamp, he must always try to place that in a room in which less amount of sunlight is available to give the maximum amount of brightness. 

9. Amazon Basics Halo Rechargeable Lamp

One of the most important problems associated with these lamps is that the battery gets reduced and exhausted, and after that, the lamp gets wasted.

However if you are purchasing this rechargeable lamp, then this problem is also done away with.

It can be easier to charge with the help of a charging cable which is available along with the lamp itself it has a long battery life and is helpful to people.

10. Wipro Symphony Rechargeable Led Lamp


Image Source: Amazon.in

This is another amazing product that Wipro manufactures it is important to keep in mind that it has a power of 6 watts altogether.

It is even to give the maximum amount of brightness if it is kept near the sunlight.

This lamp is easily available in the marketplace at a very reasonable cost. It has long battery life. 


These table lamps are easily available in the marketplace. They are helpful to achieve the desired objective they are cost-effective and durable at the same time.


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