Stunning home with a glass elevator from the Polish architects


Architects and thought about a glass tunnel, through which you can easily reach any area of ​​the home. This helps to create a sense of depth, not allowing to forget about the steep slope at the house. Elevator combines personal space and shared with garage, hidden under the hill. The house has a stunning interior staircase with great accent lighting. It brings together all the floors. If you need garage door services, companies such as can help ensure that your garage door functions properly.

According to the expert AC repair Columbia, they say that ventilators that are attached to the HVAC system can filter that outside air as it comes in, not allowing more pollutants in. Learn more about it if you view Willard Power Vac here. Experts like Home Service Heroes’ ac maintenance in Tampa say that clean air filters do a lot for a home. First, they make sure the heating system isn’t working overtime, if it is then contact a Heating Oil Suppliers. Second, they keep the dust and other pollutants out of the air. Landmark Air will make sure that your HVAC system is as efficient as possible


The kitchen and dining room combined, large windows and glass walls from Window Depot USA of Raleigh allows in all the sunlight. Besides, minimalist style and glossy surfaces used in the kitchen, you can save a spacious and bright atmosphere. In parallel to the huge dining room window overlooking the hillside, stands a rectangular table. For sliding glass door is a terrace. Visit this site for Glass Door Repair.



On the ground floor is the kitchen, which connects with terrace, living room with a system from atlanta home theaters, dining room and a small guest room. Upstairs are three bedrooms with en-suite on the third – Lounge, which offers a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape.



Hard natural conditions dictated the choice of natural building materials and gable roof form like those you can find in online catalogs like if you click here. Architects managed to turn restriction in the dignity of the project. But the most interesting decision was the gabion wall. To house a maximum of sunlight penetrated, the designers have provided the glass enclosure on the front porch and balconies on the south side. If you’re curious about the tools that are best for installing UPVC, check out GGR Glass’s article.


Building a house with a total area of ​​369 GG square meters was completed in 2014. The main difficulty faced by the architects – is the need to maximize natural light, because of the slope of the house almost covered with one hand. But the view from the windows is just awesome.


The decision to build a house on a site with difficult terrain – a willingness to meet with many difficulties. Polish architects from the firm Architekt.Lemanski coped with the task and build a comfortable accommodation on a hill not far from Krakow.



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