10 most stylish Modern Platform Beds To Enhance The Comfort Of Your Bedroom


Gone are the days of bulky-heavy beds that don’t even use to match the bedroom theme. Now, it is time to enhance your bedroom with modern, stylish, chic, and sleek platform beds. It perfectly goes with the interior style. Also, it requires much less space to settle that with extra storage and comfort. There are not one or two but plenty of options available for modern platform beds, so let us have a look and choose accordingly.

How modern platform beds change the entire look into a stylish-charming aesthetic bedroom

Platform beds are designed in such a minimalistic way keeping all your luxurious personality with comfort. Be it any style from modern to mid-century, from minimalist to luxury room, customize the design of a platform bed according to your budget, comfort, and style. Platform beds create a natural look, with lesser space that makes your bedroom look even more spacious and elegant. It is best known for its comfort and style.

1. Jane Platform Bed

Image source: Modloft.com

If you are looking for a platform bed for a mid-century modern style bedroom, then Jane’s bed is the best you can opt for. Simplicity is the main element of this bed in a natural and beautifully soft and fleece fabric upholstery. Jane’s bed maintains comfort and luxury altogether. It forms a shape to no outskirts in the edges, keeping air circulation around for the mattress.

2. Thompson Bed

Image source: Modloft.com

Thompson bed gives all the classy and luxurious look that you are looking for in your modern style bedroom, based on the warm theme and texture that gives you a cozy feel, and woven upholstery makes it more relaxing. With matte-finished, this modern bed gives you richness to feel by and a luxurious look to live by. Black and grey color would always prefer to go for a modern, chic style.

3. Haru Bed

Image source: Modloft.com

Haru bed is the new comfort with the natural wood material, which gives a sophisticated minimalist look with a glimpse of Japanese design. It is specialized as a modern fabric upholstery and funnel-shaped and curved lines legs with comfort that you desire and wish for. A simple, classic, and sophisticated bed look is all you need for the mid-century style of your bedroom.

4. Azara Bamboo Platform Bed

Image source: Haikudesigns.com

What better than natural material to feel the luxurious comfort in the bed? Well! As the name suggests, this bed comprises bamboo that is 100% natural and safe with no harmful chemicals, which is perfect for the industrial-chic style for the bedroom. The legs come from a tilt-confine-shaped and extensive, sophisticated headboard that looks classy and modern altogether. It is a perfect platform bed if you want an industrial, minimalist, or mid-century look in your bedroom.

5. Rivington Bed

Image source: Modloft.com

The main element that this platform bed contains is Oak veneer wood that is a natural material and that gives the best compliment to any contemporary styled bedroom. Alledges come in angled shapes that define their elegance and luxury. It looks stylish with steel coated-angled legs and oak framed upholstery to make it more versatile and classy. This bed goes perfectly with contemporary interior style.

6. Park Avenue Bed

Image source: Haikudesigns.com

Park Avenue platform bed is an ideal combination of luxury and sleek design. It drives with a solid ruby bamboo material which is an eco-friendly natural material. Also, cushioned fabric upholstery gives a focal point at the center. This bed is a perfect fit for contemporary, modern, and mid-century styles. Sleek black steel legs made it more versatile and stylish in look.

7. Trenton Storage Bed

This bed is perfect and valuable if you are a person who requires extra space to keep up the stuff. It comes up with such stylish and luxurious storage that no one can even predict any storage beneath. It gives you both comfort and flexibility. Exclusively upholstered in a soft and weave fabric which makes you feel all cozy and luxurious altogether, perfect for any modern style interior.


8. Monroe Bed

Image source: Modloft.com

Monroe bed comes with joints side tables with the comfort of the cushioned backrest and headboard upholstery that makes it both sleek and cozy. Specialize with a veneer hardwood frame that attaches both the bedside tables, which goes with a classic traditional and mid-century with both the styles. Styled with sleek straight legs and low height, it is an ideal bed for the master bedroom.

9. Harper Tufted Platform Bed

This platform bed is the most budget-friendly amongst all the other platform beds. This bed has straight-sleek legs that give a glimpse of mid-century style and the comfortable soft fabric headstand upholstery that makes it all modern. It is perfect for any style interior be it, modern, mid-century, or bohemian you can consider this sophisticated and minimalist bed for your bedroom.

10. Mercury Bed

Image source: Bedroomsandmore.com

A classic combination of simplicity and modernization is what the mercury bed offers. The main element of this bed is the natural material that is bamboo. Bamboo makes it more worth the choice. It creates a modern version of traditional design that is a recreation in today’s time. With the soft fabric upholstery, curved mid-century legs, and comfortable design, the mercury bed is all about simplicity which is more versatile and easy to maintain.


Well! Looks, style, luxury all these matters when selecting a bed for your dream bedroom but what matters the most is the comfort. After all, a bed is for relaxing and for a good night’s sleep. Right? So, these are the top 10 Modern Platform Beds that not only give you style, look, and luxury but also great comfort. So, choose according to your interior style and make your bedroom more authentic and beautiful.



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