How To Decorate A Girls Bedroom

How To Decorate A Girls Bedroom


Not too long ago, parents had two basic options for their kids’ room – pink for girls and blue for boys. This was not only very limiting but also very boring. Thankfully, these days with the help of a painter and decorator you have enough room for creativity and plenty of options to choose from for color schemes and for design. The downside of all these options is that it’s hard to make decisions.

Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms and for girls, in particular, it is important to pick the right color scheme, the right furniture, the right Neon Mama personalized neon sign decorations, and the right theme. Neither of these tasks is simple, especially since the interests of young girls change pretty fast. It is best to avoid childish themes if you don’t want to redecorate after a year or two, of course getting the right mattress is important for this, you can visit GottaSleep to find the best Mattress Sizes Canada for this. With that in mind, here are some useful tips for how to decorate a girl’s bedroom:

Picking Colors and Themes

It is important to talk to your girl to find out what she likes and how she wants her room to look like. Find out her interests, favorite colors, and hobbies and decide on a color scheme and theme that are likely to last for a while. You don’t have to include every single interest or all her favorite colors as long as overall the room will be a reflection of her likes. Be sure you can easily make changes if necessary. For example, opt for pictures of her favorite characters instead of painting them on the walls and use the overall color scheme for the rest of the room. Or opt for royal elements such as crowns and an elegant bed if she wants a princess room. Add the rest of the details like custom enamel pins, posters, and lights with decorations.

Keep the walls in a neutral color since it’s easy to coordinate with other colors and you won’t have to repaint the entire room if her color preferences change over the years. If a feature wall is a must, opt for wallpaper instead of painting the walls but keep it timeless – choose stripes, florals, simple designs that work with many different themes and styles. You can also opt to use grasscloth wallpaper to elevate the aesthetics of the room. If you have some old wallpaper that you would like to change for a new one, find help with your wallpaper removal in indianapolis.

For the color scheme, you can choose2-3 colors. Incorporate them in decorations, bedding, and art pieces and keep the furniture in neutral colors. In this way, in case her taste changes, you can redecorate the room with ease.

Selecting and Arranging Furniture

Picking the furniture is not very hard if you opt for the basics. But remember – they have to be stylish! Choose a queen-size bed or a twin bed if you have limited space. The frame should be good-looking but made of durable materials – think metal or wood.

Depending on the space, you can opt for a chic wardrobe, a dresser or even a chest of drawers and a hanging rack. You’ll probably get a good deal if you buy a matching set instead of individual pieces. As a general rule, the style of the bed and the style of the dresser or wardrobe should match. If two girls share the room, you can opt for twin beds or bunk beds. Don’t forget to have a proper reading and homework area. You can opt for a desk and a kid’s office chair or for a simple table and a comfortable chair. Now, depending on the theme, you can incorporate various design and decorative elements such as nightstands, removable canopy, and so on. Storage is also important and there are plenty of options to choose from – bookshelves, wall shelves, and colorful storage bins. If your budget and space allow it and your little girl is into it, you can complete the bedroom with an old-school vanity. If that’s over your budget or doesn’t fit the room, opt for a mirror.

To maximize the space in the bedroom, place the bed in a corner against the wall to leave more space in the middle of the room. If the room is spacious enough, you can place the bed in the center of the room with the head facing against the wall. As for the rest of the furniture, arrange it around the walls of the room to have plenty of space to play in the middle. For safety reasons, it is important to anchor the furniture to the walls to prevent them from tipping over.

Adding Details and Decorations

Now you can have fun with the decorations. The details are very important since they can completely make a room. To make sure the girl loves her bedroom, involve her in this part of the process as well. Make a selection of decorations and colors and let her pick her favorites from your list.


The duvet and throw pillows are great for adding a pop of color or fun prints in the mix. A patterned rug is great for adding color too. You can choose a themed area rug for the play area or a smaller themed one to place alongside the bed. Rugs are easy to replace so you can choose a themed or bold one, also if you can add some more decoration like paintings and murals which are easy to get online from sites as Murale Design and others.

Lamps are also important in a kid’s bedroom and you’ll probably need two – one for the homework area and one for the nightstand. It’s best to choose lamps that match the accent colors you chose for the room to match it perfectly. Make sure the lamps are placed near power outlets or choose ones with remote control switches. Some children are afraid of the dark and they may want to keep the light on during the night; in that case, it’s important to choose a lamp that is safe to use for prolonged periods of time.

Curtains or blinds are not only for privacy; they are also important decorative pieces that can add a nice touch to your girl’s bedroom. When picking up curtains and blinds, choose solid color curtains or blinds in one of your accent colors or pick a simple print such as polka dots in two of your accent colors.

For the finishing touches, frame her favorite pictures and place them throughout the room – on the dresser, shelves or desk. You can also frame bigger pictures or paintings and place them above the bed. Smaller mementos and favorite items like the Russian Matryoshka Dolls should have their place in the room as well. You can make a safe but easy accessible shelf for such items or place them on top of the furniture.

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