50 Exuberant Bedroom Colors to Match Your Mood & Style

50 Exuberant Bedroom Colors to Match Your Mood & Style


From contrasting colors to monochromatic schemes, from matching tones to hot tropical colors; bedroom colors come in a wide range and variety of textures and sequencing.

Today we present to you fifty gorgeous bedrooms with different colors and combinations. Our main goal of this website has always been to provide inspiration for people looking to improve on interior design.

By making sure, you don’t overdo the colors in the room, lookout for several examples to make a final decision on what suits your mood and pocket.

1. Rich, Deep Teal

Rich, Deep Teal

2. Contrasting Colors

Contrasting Colors

3. Tamarind Residence – San Francisco Bay Area

Tamarind Residence - San Francisco Bay Area

4. navy and orange

navy and orange

5. Culture and Color

Culture and Color

6. A Pink and Orange Bedroom

A Pink and Orange Bedroom


7. One Tone — Not One Note

One Tone — Not One Note

8. Interior Painting

Interior Painting

9. Cute blog with lots of DIY bedroom decor ideas

Cute blog with lots of DIY bedroom decor ideas

10. Blossoming Bedroom

Blossoming Bedroom

11. Blue and Purple

Blue and Purple

12. Soothing, But Bold

Soothing, But Bold


13. Seeley Guest Bedroom

Seeley Guest Bedroom

14. The Yellow Cape Cod: Top 15 Room Makeovers of 2012~Before

The Yellow Cape Cod: Top 15 Room Makeovers of 2012~Before

15. Unconventional Colors

Unconventional Colors

16. Serene Green

Serene Green

17. Red Can Be Restful

Red Can Be Restful

18. While at CHil Design Group

While at CHil Design Group

19. Colour scheme and bed

Colour scheme and bed

20. Adaptable Design

Adaptable Design

21. Deep Green

Deep Green

22. Mix for a Match

Mix for a Match

23. North Oaks Contemporary

North Oaks Contemporary

24. color block

color block

25. Chic Nursery

Chic Nursery

26. High-Gloss Yellow

High-Gloss Yellow

27. White Hues

White Hues

28. Classic Bedroom

Classic Bedroom

29. Eclectic bedroom

Eclectic bedroom

30. Golden Elegance

Golden Elegance

31. Shimmery Blue

Shimmery Blue

32. Purple Reigns

Purple Reigns

33. Casa de Cocinas

Casa de Cocinas



35. Dynamic Design

Dynamic Design

36. Cheery Pink

Cheery Pink

37. A Modern Masterpiece

A Modern Masterpiece

38. Bedroom


39. Inspired Design

Inspired Design

40. Glam Guest Room

Glam Guest Room

41. Spring Green and Bright Blue

Spring Green and Bright Blue

42. Presidio Heights Residence

Presidio Heights Residence

43. Love the grey walls and chandelier

Love the grey walls and chandelier

44. Modern and Masculine

Modern and Masculine

45. Navy and Red

Navy and Red

46. Fashion Showhouse

Fashion Showhouse

47. Chandeliers


48. Red, White and Green

Red, White and Green

49. Peacock-Blue


50. MJ Lanphier

MJ Lanphier


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