26 Best Rain Shower Heads for Your Modern Bathrooms

26 Best Rain Shower Heads for Your Modern Bathrooms


Located in Northeast Piedmont, in Valduggia, a small town in Italy, Tender Rain is a unique and innovative business in the shower field. Over the years, it has developed pioneering technologies that allow it to create revolutionary designs, and they now offer some of the best rain shower heads on the market.

Using their patented technology, Tender shower heads offer incomparable rain effect while being Eco friendly and environmentally sustainable products, with water and energy saving designs that are also patented. Besides being Eco friendly, made entirely in Italy by a company with hundreds of years of experience in the metallurgical field, and from top quality materials, their designs are based on a totally unique concept of minimal thickness. The brand practically revolutionized the concept of a showerhead – before Tender Rain thin showerheads did not even exist! If you’re renovating your bathroom, take a look at geelong bath and tiles products. They offer many types of rain shower heads, including some luxury designs in modern style and also outdoor designs. This glass shower door company can assist you installing them in your bathroom.

Rain Shower 1

Viceversa (above) is a wall-mounted rain shower head with shower arm and diverter, and an adjustable waterfall. A very modern and unique design that lets you rotate the head.

Rain Shower 2

The shower rotates to direct waterfall where it’s desirable. Source.

Rain Shower 3

Viceversa installed in a modern bathroom. Source.


Rain Shower 4

Sharp is also wall-mounted. Source.

Rain Shower 5

Pluvia (above) is a totally unique rain shower head design. Its arched profile exhibits luxury and modernity.

Rain Shower 6

It’s available in two versions. The extra large Pluvia is 560×400 mm, and Pluvia Mini is 375×220 mm, which is still pretty oversized. Source.


Rain Shower 7

The pouring rain coming from this unusually shaped head creates a total wellness effect. Source.

Rain Shower 8

Above is the Menhir outdoor rain shower head, with the waterfall option as well.

Rain Shower 9

Menhir can also be part of the outdoor shower column, from Tender Rain.

Rain Shower 10

In the modern bathroom above, the same Emisfero design is installed as two different fixtures, one as a ceiling mounted rain shower head and another as a LED lamp. Quite amazing, isn’t it – the same versatile design is used for a shower and a lamp.

Rain Shower 11

Emisfero can be installed with a wall or ceiling water inlet.

Rain Shower 12

This large round shower head is available with or without the chromotherapy feature, from Tender Rain.

Rain Shower 13

Now this maybe the best bathroom fixture ever – a rain shower with handshower, Duetto D (above).

Rain Shower 14

A square showerhead with a very contemporary look, Duetto D is wall mount on a shower arm and comes with a semi-automatic diverter, activated through the flexible hose. Source.

Rain Shower 15

Duetto C is a cool modern rain shower head with a waterfall spout located on its arm, also using a semi-automatic diverter.

Rain Shower 16

And now to a totally unusual design (above) – the Calices fixtures from Tender Rain. They are available in 3 versions: water and light, only water, only light.

Rain Shower 17

Two Calices showerheads paired with two Calices lights.

Rain Shower 18


Rain Shower 19


Rain Shower 20

The Big Rain shower head (above) is quite unique – it can be installed in three different ways: as wall mount, as ceiling hanging and as flush mounted on ceiling.

Rain Shower 21

A flush with ceiling rain shower head. Source.

Rain Shower 22

The same head but ceiling hanging. Source.

Rain Shower 23

These extra large showerheads come in square or round shapes and create a comfort rain effect.Source.

Finally, Arethusa is your basic rain shower waterfall combo that can easily fit with any style bathroom.

Rain Shower 25

Rain. Source.

Rain Shower 26

Waterfall only also available. Tender Rain.

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