3 of the Worst Contracting Disasters to Look Out For

3 of the Worst Contracting Disasters to Look Out For


New constructions, home renovations, and house extensions are meant to improve or enhance our lifestyles, but they can definitely be a hassle to deal with if someone isn’t vigilant enough to take all the necessary precautions in hiring contractors. In fact, some of the worst contractor disaster stories are nothing short of nightmares for home owners.

If you have hired or are planning to hire a contractor for the renovation we are a local service. We are the best water damage restoration company in the northern Virginia and Washington DC area. Here are three of the worst contracting disasters that you should look to avoid at all costs.

Expensive Floor Damage

Construction and renovation of any kind involves a lot of hard tools, heavy equipment and liquids that leave stains, so unless you have covered the floor surface in the project area completely with protective papering, dropcloths or corrugated plastic sheeting, it’s almost a certainty that the hardwood or tile floor will end up with stains, scratches and dents, if not both! All it takes is a slipped hammer to fall hard on the floor below, or a bucket of open paint that gets accidentally tipped over. In worst case scenarios, the damage could be so bad that it may not be repairable at all.

Contractor Pulls Away from the Job

It might not seem likely in the beginning because everyone promises not to do that, but it is very much possible that your contractor might pull away temporarily or slow down the pace of work on your property in favor of another bigger and more profitable contract. As this could stretch your project a lot longer than expected and increase your expenses, this is one situation that you need to avoid. You will have to cancel or reschedule the rest of your calendar according to that of the contractor, which is not how it should be. To prevent this from happening, go with established, bigger names in the construction business they care about their reputation and have sufficient resources to complete multiple big and small jobs simultaneously. We recommend you Contact Emergency Roofers Dublin for your needs today. Get upto 1000 euros off new roofs, they’re going to fix all your roofing problems efficiently.


Spring rain storms can create major headaches in your home, contacting an emergency cleanup company can help restore your property quick. A common problem that can easily become the worst contracting disaster ever is hitting a water pipe. If the damage is substantial, then water may already begin to pool, flooding the construction area, as well as other parts of your home before the workers are able to shut it down. Check out the waterproofing services here so you’ll have some peace of mind. Pooled water can stain, rot and fade floors and carpets, which is not even the worst-case scenario. Fortunately, Smart Dry Restoration are the best when it comes to water damage removal; so you might want to contact them.

As modern construction usually involves power tools, it’s basically an electrical accident waiting to happen and if this happens is better to have the contact of Douglas Electrical handy for any emergency. To prevent all this, take the following precautions.

  • Use waterproof, slip-resistant floor coverings
  • Get a map of the house’s water lines and electrical circuitry
  • Turn off both the power and the water supply completely, until the logged water is removed and the damage has been repaired

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and while that may not always be the situation with every contracting job, the clever contractor and home owner operates on that principle and eliminates the chances to begin with.




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