Do Not Let these Winter Problems Ruin your Day

Do Not Let these Winter Problems Ruin your Day


Winter can be a difficult season to get through unscathed. The frigid temperatures and heaps of snow can destroy your property or slow down your morning. You may need experts to check up on your heating system in Oro Valley, AZ before the cold season begins. So to make sure that you and your family are warm and comfortable throughout the winter, contact a heating oil delivery company as well as Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services a few weeks before winter starts.

If you don’t want these winter problems to ruin your day, there are ways that you can solve them.

You turn on the tap and realize that the water coming out of the faucet is freezing.

According to plumbers, one of the worst plumbing issues that can happen during the winter is when water heaters are on the fritz. It will be a major inconvenience during the coldest time of year, particularly when you want to hop into the shower or warm up with a bath. This is why getting a water heater service before winter is strongly recommended to prevent this from happening.

If the freezing temperature caused a pipe to burst, call on a burst pipe remediation company at once to prevent any further damage to your property. Read more here for helpful tips on getting a water damage claim for your property.

winters problem

When you notice this problem, check the other taps in the house to see if they aren’t heating up. If they aren’t heating up, go to your local plumber services to inspect your water heater. It could need a simple water heater repair, or it could be too worn out to fix, which means you’ll need one of those licensed plumbers near you. Visit to see if they service your area.

Before the winter season starts, it is also wise to contact a propane delivery service so your heating system won’t run out of fuel in the middle of the cold weather.

The company is known for providing the best plumbing services at an affordable price. They can help you deal with your water heater and other plumbing trouble that will make your winter miserable — you can learn more at Sewer Squad online or by giving them a call.

You see a slick coating of ice down your front walkway.

Keeping your paths clear of snow and slick ice should be one of the top things on your winter home maintenance checklist to tackle — ignoring this chore puts people at risk of dangerous slips and falls. You can contact a commercial snow removal company to take of it before accidents happen.


Another way to avoid this health hazard is by covering the walkway with de-icers every time the temperature drops. The most common de-icer is rock salt because it’s affordable and effective, butit’s not great for the environment. Anyone who wants eco-friendly de-icers that are strong alternatives to rock salt can pick up calcium magnesium acetate or potassium acetate — they will be more expensive than other options on the shelf.

You are about to pull your car onto the road, but it’s stuck in the snow.

It’s tempting to press down on the gas pedal, but that could send your car sliding out of control and speeding into a collision. You can avoid this slippery situation by packing your car’s emergency winter kit with traction aids so you can pour them around the wheels and try to pull out of the spot safely. Some popular options for traction aids are rock salt, crushed lava rock, sand and kitty litter. The cold could also be tough on your plants and the best option is to have a greenhouse heater like the Hylite Slimline Eco Heater review that tells you how this method can trap heat when the environment is too cold.

These should be stored in the emergency winter kit in your trunk, along with the following items:

  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Washer fluid
  • Booster cables
  • Small shovel

Save a professional plumber’s number in your phone’s contacts in case your water heater stops working. Visit to see if they service your area. There is also a new great service available where you can talk to a plumbing contractor over a video call on an app so that you can fix problems yourself. You can learn more about iPlumber here. You can also contact a boiler rental company to get you through the winter if you are unable to fix your heater immediately. After the season, try to call a boiler repair service or consider a new boiler installation.

Get bags of de-icer to sprinkle on your walkway to keep your feet on the ground. Pack your car with a winter emergency kit, so you don’t get stuck in a snow bank for half an hour. When it comes to these seasonal issues, preparation is key.

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