What to Do About Your Kitchen DIY Project that Hasn’t Turned Out Well

What to Do About Your Kitchen DIY Project that Hasn’t Turned Out Well


This home projects made by Advantage Contracting have become quite the trend over the last few years, and much of that can be attributed to the influx of home design shows on the television. The shows always seem to depict normal everyday people who are able to flip homes or take on big projects and end up with fabulous results. While this can certainly be the case, not everyone has the same results.

These DIY projects still take some experience and practice, so you may not be especially impressed with how your room looks once you are done. If you have recently tackled a DIY project in your kitchen and are less than happy with how it turned out, then you may be wondering what options you’ve got. Here are some ways you can deal with a DIY project gone wrong.

Maybe It’s Not as Bad as You Think

Before you start getting too upset about how your kitchen looks, you may want to take a moment to breathe and try to see it with fresh eyes. It may not actually be as bad as you think. People are always their own harshest critic, so perhaps you are just being overly critical. The flaws you notice may not be noticeable to anyone else.

Make a List of the Items that Work Well

It can also help you to feel a bit better about things by making a list of all the items and renovations that you made in the kitchen that have worked out and make sense in the space. There are bound to be some positives out of the experience, so you want to be sure you give credit to them.

This list will also be helpful if you plan on re-doing the kitchen again, as those can be left alone and won’t need any changing or fixing.

On the flip side, it’s important to narrow down all the areas that just aren’t as you envisioned, don’t work properly, or just look plain bad.

Consider Calling in a Professional

At this point you are faced with two options, you can either tackle the fixes yourself and hope for better results, or you can call in a professional. The problem with trying to do it yourself is that it may not turn out any better, and then you’ve gone and spent even more money on a kitchen you are unhappy with. Professionals like Honey-Doers Remodeling can work on a practical design with you, that fit your needs and wants, and you can set a strict budget. At least by having a professional do the job, you know they have the knowledge, experience, and proper tools needed.

DIY Isn’t Always the Best Route

At the end of the day, choosing to remodel rooms in your house, especially rooms that need to be functional and work in a practical manner like your kitchen, may not be the best plan. Often people do it themselves thinking they will save money but thanks to problems that arise in the end it can end up costing a lot more.




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