What is a Window Shade?

What is a Window Shade?


Shades and blinds are highly functional and are even decorative and so are in great demand. Shopping for the same however, can be cumbersome for there are wide variety available in style, colour and material.

orlandoblindsandshutters.com make your search easy and gives you a sneak peek into what all goes into choosing that perfect shade for your windows.  Let us get started.

Choosing the right window shade

The shape and size of the window should be the first consideration while choosing the window shade in Orlando. Also take into account the purpose of the room. For instance, if it is the kitchen window wherein you want to have the shade, a woven shade would work best for it allow plenty of light to come in. A pleated shade is also a perfect pick for the kitchen. For the bedroom, solar shade would fit in the best as it allows minimum light to come in. A casual room, a shade that matches with teh room decor makes for an ideal pick.

Custom Vs Readymade Shades

Not all windows are of the same size, sometimes we have to pick the custom sizes. Moreover, if there is something else in your mind that you do not find in standard window options, there also you have custom window treatment as the best option.

For a quick makeover or setting, well needless to say, readymade shades make for the perfect choice. They are affordable also but also restrict you in terms of length, width and material choice. Roman, pleated or roller shades are a perfect pick for people who are looking for basic window treatment that does not incur huge costs. They are convenient, practical and highly functional besides looking great.

Some important considerations

Make sure that you know the difference between window blinds and shades. Shades are long fabric that can be pulled up and down as per convenience using a cord or lifting mechanism. Blinds on the other hand are tough window coverings that come with slats which can rotate open or shut to allow or block the light coming in.


Apart from the basic function of blocking the light and offering privacy to homeowners, window shades also offer a pop of colour to the existing decor thus lofting it up and that too without taking up space or creating a hole in your pockets. a valence can work as a feather in the cap and can further enhance the visual appeal.



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