Tips to get Your Home Christmas Ready

Tips to get Your Home Christmas Ready


As the temperatures turn, the nights grow darker and the days become shorter, it can mean only one thing: Christmas is drawing closer. In addition to buying mountains of gifts, planning the big festive feast and making plans with family, you need to make sure your home is Christmas-ready.

Whether you are having a quiet Christmas or playing the host, to make things a little easier for you, here are some ways to prep your living space and get it ready for the festivities.

The Perfect Hallway

Your home’s entranceway regularly becomes a dumping ground. It’s the place you ditch your shoes and hang your coats and also sometimes, a place where you store your anti chafing creams. Doing this makes the hallway more of storage area than a functional space.

To sort your hallway ready for Christmas, clear away shoes and coats that are not regularly used. Then, consider installing coat hooks at different heights to reduce bulk, choose foldaway shoe racks to keep things tidy, and put down runners and doormats to capture wet footprints.

Set the scene with a few festive touches, too. This could include hanging a wreath on your door, placing table-top decorations on your console table, and lighting up your walkway or drive.

A Seasonal Living Room

In any Christmassy living room, the tree should take centre stage. This means making a few preparations before purchasing your new sparkling Christmas tree and covering it in your favourite decorations.

To start, think about ways you can de-clutter, as when you put up your Christmas decorations, the space could start to feel cramped. This could include tidying away children’s toys and rearranging furniture.

When you have prepared the lounge, you can enjoy decorating. Drape a garland across the fireplace, hang stockings ready to be filled with presents and add string lights for ambience. Make sure you also have plenty of throws and blankets ready for those cosy winter nights in.

The Christmas Feast

No matter if you are cooking a feast for two or twenty, there is a lot to think about when planning the perfect Christmas dinner. In addition to creating delicious dishes, this also includes reading the kitchen and dressing the dining table.


To save yourself some time on the big day, consider preparing some food in advance. For example, you can cook and freeze your roast potatoes, as well as pre-chop your vegetables, or cheat with store-bought desserts.

When it comes to your table, there are some easy ways to decorate. For example, baubles can be used as festive place card holders, while string lights in jars are inexpensive and effective centrepieces.

Final Tips

While we are unable to wrap your presents or cook the dinner, hopefully these ideas will help you to prepare your home ready for the Christmas season and check a few things off your long to-do list.

In addition to organising your living space, if you are having people to stay, consider stocking up the freezer with easy meals, make sure you have enough fluffy towels and read these house guest tips for some extra help.



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