Buy Osrs Gold Pay By SMS’s Suggestions

Buy Osrs Gold Pay By SMS’s Suggestions


For all players in runescape, buying RS gold on site is really a convenient way to get large amounts of RuneScape gold quickly. However, as there are so many sites that you can buy runescape gold, then how to find a reliable site is a problem.

Although many sites provide players different payment methods for buying RS gold, there still are many players can not find a good site to buy RS gold pay by sms as this method is exactly convenient for them. Sometime, its a trouble!

Your Troubles

“I use sprint to buy bonds for my account and now it doesn’t work, it says Sorry, your payment failed. No charges were made. This typically happens when your phone is unreachable, blocked, or low on credits. Contact us if you have questions, but when my friend tries to buy on his account with sprint, it works for him, my phone is reachable, it’s not blocked or low on credits, and I still get this message, can anyone help me?”

Yes, a lot of these companies have limits on the number of times/amount/frequency etc. you can pay towards a single Runescape account.

I currently have major issues buying runecoins via SMS using the Boku service (the service setup on the RuneScape website). Boku support simply state that their security system(s) are “working as intended” and recommend me to wait for an undisclosed amount of time. It’s been over a month and still does not work…

With the specific error message I get (“Whoa, you’ve processed a lot of payments! Try again later”), an official Boku forum post suggest to speak with Boku support.

Having contacted Boku, they simply will not tell me when I might be able to process another payment (if ever..).

My issue is that I have a prepaid SMS card I want to use. Now it’s just sitting on my desk collecting dust. So…

To Buy Osrs Gold Pay By SMS’s Suggestions

The suggestions for pay by phone or sms:


  1. When you come to the payment information part in checkout page, please choose Pay by phone.
  2. Register an onebip account if you don’t have one.
  3. After you register an account, you will receive a text message of 4 digit code on your phone.
  4. Enter the code you received and sigh in.
  5. Check and confirm your order information, and then your order is placed successfully.

Best Site To Buy Runescape Gold – Safe & Fast

If you’re also worry about it, you should try RSGoldFast as we provide players different payment methods for buying RS gold, RS acoounts, RS power leveling and all RS items, such as pay by PayPal, credit or debit card with PayPal, pay by moneybookers, credit or debit card with moneybookers, pay by Western Union and so on.

How to Buy Runescape Gold

1, Go to RsGoldFast Official Website.

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3, Click on Buy Button.

4, Choose payment (PayPal is also Available).

5, Once Payment is Completed, You Will receive the Runescape gold.


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