Getting Your Blind Measurements Right

Getting Your Blind Measurements Right


Blinds can make a stylish, practical addition to any home. However, they can also be an absolute nightmare to fit, especially if you choose the wrong measurements.

The different blind sizes on offer can be confusing and measurement advice isn’t always easy to understand. So, to give you a little help, here you’ll discover everything you need to know in order to ensure you get your blind measurements right. Take a look at this bamboo screen for example to add an extra fresh detail to your house.

Understanding the difference between recess and exact blinds

The main decision you’ll need to make when choosing your blinds, is whether you want a recessed or an exact fitting. Recess blinds are designed to fit inside the recess of the window. That is, the space directly around the window. Exact fit blinds are designed to fit across the wall surrounding the window, similar to how you’d install curtains on a curtain rail.

Recess blinds do tend to be the most popular option due to their neat design. However, it does mean you will need to measure the recess carefully as it leaves little room for mistakes.

Should you consider made to measure blinds?

The majority of blinds you find through companies such as Direct Blinds, should fit the majority of windows provided you’ve measured them correctly. However, you may find that your windows have slightly different measurements to most standard windows. If this is the case, UK shaped blinds would be the best option.

The benefit of choosing made to measure blinds is you know they’ll fit. Usually the company you’re buying from will send someone to come and measure the windows for you to ensure you end up with a perfect fit. However, you may be required to measure the space yourself. Remember, be sure to measure only inside the recess if you’re opting for recessed blinds. Go to if you need to buy new blinds.

Tips for fitting your new blinds

Once you’ve got your new blinds, there’s a few tips you’ll want to follow to make sure you’re fitting them correctly.

A good tip is to make sure you’re installing the pulley for the blinds on the right side. You need to make sure you can easily get to the pulley in order to use it comfortably. This is surprisingly easy to forget!

If you’ve invested in a roller blind and it’s too big, you can easily cut it to size. Simply hold it up against the window then mark where the blind needs to be cut. You’ll need something strong to cut it with such as a handsaw, but you should find it easy enough to do. Then, simply fit the blind following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Overall, getting your blind measurements right is crucial. The tips above will help you to ensure you end up with the right size blinds to fit your windows. The main thing to remember is to ensure you’re not ordering blinds that are too small. There’s nothing you can do to fix smaller blinds, but if they’re too big you can always cut them down to size.



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