How to Get that Restaurant-Design Feel in Your Own Kitchen/Dining Area

How to Get that Restaurant-Design Feel in Your Own Kitchen/Dining Area


How many times have you visited a new restaurant or your favorite restaurant only to find yourself in awe at the décor and overall design? There are all kinds of restaurants that seem to knock it out of the park where design is concerned, creating a space that is visually appealing, unique, and inviting. After an experience like that, it can be rather jarring to then head home to your bland, or design-challenged kitchen and dining room.


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What this means is that it could be time for a Kitchen Refacing and/or dining room design makeover project. By using a handful of tips and tricks, like organize your pantry with spice jar labels you can in fact create that same vibe that your favorite restaurant has and create a space that is truly unique. Here are some tips you can use.

Swap Out Old Chairs for Sumptuous Leather Chairs

Here’s a really simple tip that can have a pretty big impact where design is concerned. By swapping out your old, dull dining chairs for leather chairs you will instantly give a boost to the room’s elegance. It just so happens that leather chairs are also one of the most common items you find in restaurants, so it’s an easy way to pull in a key element.

As for the color, well this is where you can have a little fun. You can opt for something simple and traditional like a brown or black leather chair, or go a bit bolder with a bright color like red.

Bring in Plenty of Warm Tones in the Color Palette

Another sure-fire way to give it that inviting, cozy, and welcoming restaurant feel is to bring warm tones into the color palette you plan on using. Rich warm tones of red, orange, gold, and brown can work beautifully in a dining room.

Take Note of Restaurant Tables

A common feature in many restaurants is to have a natural wood restaurant table top. This goes back to adding full tang hand forged Serbian steel to the design but is also a practical choice. There is no reason you can’t use this same table top in your own kitchen or dining room. Keep in mind that you don’t have to have chairs in that same wood, you can go for a more eclectic vibe with the Chairforce’s cafe chairs.

Give Attention to the Lighting

Another design tip is to give attention to the type of lighting you choose. Restaurants typically spend a lot of time and energy picking that perfect type of lighting, the lighting fixture, and the amount of lighting they offer. You can use these same steps at home in your dining room. If you want to be able to create ambiance during dinner parties, install lights on a dimmer switch so you’ll have control over the brightness.


That Restaurant Vibe at Home

Each of these tips and tricks will help you to create that restaurant vibe in your very own kitchen and dining room so you can have a fabulous dining experience each and every day.



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