Dark Floors

Dark Floors


When it comes to the world of interior design there is no such thing as “playing it safe” and why should there be? Now is the time to be bald and adventurous, especially with your home. Which is why we’re completely obsessed with dark floors at the moment! Whether you’re sat in your ultra-modern apartment or revamping that classic country house, dark floors can transform your room and are a staple piece if you’re looking to achieve a contemporary look.

In regards to ‘dark’ flooring, we’re talking about anything from jet black to the deepest brown. These colours work incredibly when used in contrast with lighter coloured furniture and walls, but they also make for an interesting choice when brighter coloured features are used. This is because the subtlety of the dark floor allows the pieces to almost ‘pop’ and create bursts of bright and vibrant colours within the room.

Although we are all for darker floors we would strongly advise against pairing them with dark walls. This is because the overall darkness can make the room seem almost gloomy, as well as making the room appear smaller than it is. If you do have walls that are slightly darker in colour then why not take our earlier suggestion on board? Pair your dark floor with brightly coloured furniture; think bright greens and yellows! These kinds of colours can turn your oppressive floor into a fun and expressive space instead.

If you’re looking to create a really dramatic statement then laying your dark floor next to medium/lighter floors will help to create an amazing contrast and can help distinguish the space between different living areas too.

Dark floors also have practicality as well as a stunning appearance. For example, dark wood floors are much less susceptible to fading than their lighter counterparts. This is because dark floors absorb light and as a result they wont fade as quickly as light ones do, this also means that they wont need to be refinished as frequently as lighter floors.

Another interesting thing about darker flooring is that it doesn’t always have to be used in order to “make a statement”, it can actually have the opposite effect and create a calm and intimate setting. This is especially effective if the room feels big and cold, by installing a dark floor you can create a cosy and warm space.

Of course we love dark floors but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are suitable for all homes. Lets say your room has really poor lighting for example, this is when we would advise against a darker floor and dark decor all together. Dark flooring also doesn’t bode well with pets, particularly if they have light coats, this is because when they malt the hairs will show up a lot more on a darker floor. Not only this but scratches from the pets paws will also be more visible and will be harder to get rid of too.

With all that in mind, the choicer is entirely yours so whether you go for a lighter grey or a dark shade of brown we’re sure your floor will contribute to the sheer beauty of your home.



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