Simple and Joyful Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home

Simple and Joyful Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home


Birthday stands once a year so it needs to be special And this pandemic has ruined most of our joyous events including birthdays.

But you need not be a worry. As we have up-the-hill Decoration ideas for birthday at home.

So, are you ready to make your or your special one’s birthday more special by adopting this Birthday decoration at home ideas? Let’s get started exploring the ideas.

What Are the Birthday Ideas We Can Go For In Pandemic?

1. Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home with Balloons

Yes!! Birthday decoration ideas at home with balloons. No, I am not talking about those helium gas-filled simply balloons. Instead, a self enlarged view of metallic foil balloons or that print of cartoon characters for kids.

Use a single or two-color balloon for effective decoration. You can go for sharp-colored Balloons for kids. While for adults, you can choose two colors. 

such as the combination of yellow and black.  Give your decoration a charming look.  

2. Lighting for glorious Birthday Decoration at Home

It is one of the Best ideas for your glorious birthday. If lights are used in a proper style then they can look most stunning than anything else. 

From hanging shiny lanterns on the side of the wall to using fairy Lights for birthday decoration. There are many ideas to make your birthday shiny.

Types of light you can use for decoration include:


  • Savvy Lantern Fairy Lights
  • Multi-colored lights
  • White Lights
  • Mood Lights or Party Special Lights

You can use either two or three of them. Or you can choose a combination of all of these types of lights for glamorous decor. 

3. Wall Decoration Ideas for Birthday Party at Home

Wall is one of the most attractive parts one can notice in a Birthday decoration. Always choose a large wall to decorate. Moreover, it can become a photography site for you and your guests. 

So, here are a few ideas for Wall Decoration Ideas For Birthday Party At Home:

  • Bop up wall using curtains
  • Use colored tape( eg. Washi Tape) and give your wall a colorful look without damaging it.
  • Make a collage of photographs and arrange and display it in an attractive manner
  • Use a proper combination of colors and ensure the colors are contrasting. Such as Deep Purple and Blue, Navy, and Teal, Black and Orange.
  • You can use glitters somewhere to make your wall more impressive

4. Table Decoration for Birthday at Home

Your table has to look delightful as Your delicious birthday cake has to be there. You can place Your cake’s table near or in front of the decorated wall for decent pictures.

You can add a few deserts too at the table along with the Cake. Arrange those different kinds of deserts side by side.

The major things you have to keep in mind while Decorating your birthday table are:

  • For arranging a Food Table, you can use theme-based colored crockery or trays to put food in
  • Don’t use the over-highlighted color of a table cloth. You can choose either one that goes with a birthday theme.
  • Make different sections for salads, cookies, and desserts
  • Use Decorative Items such as carved fruits, fancy straws, flowers, fragrances, and ice cubes to give your table an attractive.


Hence, these were simple birthday decoration ideas at home. It is necessary to be at your home in a pandemic. But it is not necessary to ruin your mood that you can’t step out at home on your birthday. And if you want to capture those special moments, consider hiring the best video production company near Dallas to create a beautiful and lasting memory.

Just follow these exclusive and simple birthday decoration ideas at home, invite your friends and enjoy a lot.


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