7 Spectacular examples of Cozy Accommodations in very Cramped Situation

7 Spectacular examples of Cozy Accommodations in very Cramped Situation


Some places don’t have much space, and almost every one of us know how it is to live in cramped situations.

But modern architects and designers think that the main thing is not square foot area, but the ability to use them effectively. Today we share 7 most impressive examples of creating a cozy and comfortable housing in cramped situations.

Keret House – the narrowest house in the world

Keret House – this is probably the narrowest in the world of real living, not decorative house. This unusual structure appeared several years ago in the heart of Warsaw between two large buildings. .


It has long been a Polish architect Jakub Szczesny drew attention to this gap width of 122 cm between the two houses. Its existence could not be explained by logical reasoning. And in the end Szczesny decided to fill this void by building a house there.


The result was an unusual two-storey building, on the first level which is a toilet with shower and a kitchen, while the second – a bedroom with a desk. Connects the two floors using narrow vertical ladder.



Keret House is named after the famous Israeli writer Etgar Keret, Jakub Szczesny friend. This author was one of cartridges and house construction and even spent a few nights there after work. Now Keret House serves as temporary housing for people coming to Warsaw writers from around the world.

Very narrow residential office Sculp (IT)

Belgian architectural duo Sculp (IT) from the city of Antwerp had twice better starting position than the Pole Jakub Szczesny – they had a gap width between two houses in the “whole” of 2.5 meters! And they put her imagination impressive four-story building.


Guys of Sculp (IT) have long argued that it was built on this piece of land, a house or an office, but in the end decided to combine both functions in the same house. On the ground floor of the workspace, and above – residential and public rooms.


But the most interesting element of this very narrow home from the studio Sculp (IT) – a bathroom that due to lack of space inside the building, located in the open air on the roof. But taking her home residents will be able to admire the beauty of the surrounding Antwerp.



Living headquarters Sculp (IT) stands out from neighboring houses not only for its super small size, but also the appearance of the whole. In the evening, each of the floors of the building is illuminated by LEDs in its own color, which gives an incredible atmosphere as to the construction, and the street on which it is located.


Four-room apartment of 40 square meters

Many believe that forty square meters small even for a nice one-bedroom apartment, but the Israeli architectural studio Sfaro Architects created a similar area of the apartment, which has managed to accommodate at once four rooms .


The secret of this architectural marvel is a circular organization of the premises. In the center of the apartment is a block from the bathroom, and around him are four different rooms – bedroom, living room, kitchen and hallway.


This circular system gives the impression of infinite space, feels much bigger than 40 square meters.


E-Village Studio – spacious small apartment

One of the most popular ways now significantly increase the space of a small apartment is to create in her a false second floor.For this purpose it is not necessary to have a high ceiling – just put on a “top level” of the bed.


A good example of this statement can lead apartment Studio E-Village Studio, which appeared in the East Village in Manhattan.Initially very very small room, of which a huge amount in the central part of New York, a marked increase in the usable space after there appeared multifunctional cabinet.


On one side of the subject of the interior is a repository for personal items of the host, on the other – a kitchen set, and the top is a large bed. For this, the “second floor” does not need a lot of space, because you’re going to sleep there the same, instead of jumping on the mattress.


And indeed the staircase leading to the bed to the closet in the E-Village Studio consists of several small lockers for personal belongings. One at each step.

Dwelle.ing – a comfortable house on a 18 square meters

Dwelle British company claims that a couple of people for a comfortable life may well miss the home area of ​​only 18 square meters. The most important thing, as mentioned above, not the dimensions of space and the ability to organize every inch of space, and the building Dwelle.ing addition to proof.


Dwelle.ing – it’s the most affordable deal for working people who are looking for a first ever independent housing. For a small house of 18 square meters with a total bathroom, bedroom and a desk on the second mezzanine, kitchen and bathroom with toilet customer will have to pay a total of 15 thousand pounds. By comparison, the money can take six months, a small apartment far from central London.

Dwelle Location: Grand Designs Live  Client: FKDA Architect: FKDA

In homes Series Dwelle.ing count every inch of space, and every little detail in them has a functional purpose. Therefore, even within these cottages look very comfortable, and the life in them seem not so constrained as it can introduce at the words “18 square feet”.

Big plus homes Dwelle.ing is their versatility and fast construction time. Dwelle company promises that its customers will be able to get a full house, ready for the universe, just a week after the order.

Apartment-transformer 24 square meters

It seems that in this flat area of ​​only 24 square meters, located in Barcelona, ​​not a single object, which would have at least double, if not triple purpose. After all, this living space is in fact a huge transformer, one part of which is easily converted into another, changing shape and purpose.


The project has developed a flat-tranformera architect Barbara Appolloni. As a result, she got a magical, dynamic space that turns into a sofa bed, a wall – a desk, a wardrobe – a refrigerator, a table – in the window, and the window – a balcony.


The principle of rationality in this case was elevated to the absolute. A person living in this apartment, your imagination can include in the transformation of their living space. This allows each of the twenty-four meters in apartments maximum, i.e. twice or even three times. Not so little, it turns out, the apartment.


upLIFT – compact but cheap housing for New York

In the city of New York is getting harder to be a motorist – streets are overwhelmed by road, but because many owners of cars were gradually abandon this personal vehicle. And, therefore, were freed earlier insanely popular multilevel parking, even in the heart of Manhattan. One of these objects, and it was decided to turn into a house upLIFT.


This project aims to build a very cheap, but very compact housing for people who are tired of spending huge sums for renting an apartment. UpLIFT idea involves the creation of many small residential units, each of which will be located on the site of a multi-level parking garage, where before there was one car.


This capsule will consist of a small living room, a compact kitchen, and a bathroom with toilet and shower. Thus when creating upLIFT not necessarily in one fell swoop to evict all of the parking cars. Modules can be installed independently of each other to the extent that, as the owners of cars will leave this infrastructure. First floor upLIFT, by the way, and you can leave the car behind.



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