5 Simple Changes to Create a Beach Style Bedroom

5 Simple Changes to Create a Beach Style Bedroom


Soft sand, splashing waves, serenity…These are just a few things that come to mind when you think of the beach. To many, the seashore is the one place they’d want to revisit over and over again – it’s that special spot that helps you forget about all your worries. But what if you could recreate this atmosphere in your own bedroom? At the end of a hard day, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could enter a room that feels like the beach? Believe it or not, with only 5 simple steps you can design the most serene bedroom which will make you feel like you’re on vacation. And if you want more unique designs for your room, you can rely on the expertise of this Boston Interior Designer.

Rug over the headboard

Most headboards come in one simple color and lack pattern, which makes them an unexciting bedroom feature. To spruce things up, choose a rug with a zig-zag pattern or a pattern resembling waves. When it comes to color, you can go for the obvious aqua, or other nuances of blue to create that ocean feel. However, if you’d like to add a more sophisticated touch, don’t be afraid to go with black or gray. Draping over the headboard will practically make it feel like you have a new beach-style bed, but in reality, all you did is added this one simple feature. 

Add a settee 

Adding seating to the bedroom has a unique aesthetic contribution, but many people don’t realize how practical of a move this can be. Placing a settee at the bottom of the bed doesn’t only serve as a seating area, but it also helps camouflage the uneven edges on days when your bed isn’t perfectly made. Great color option includes off-white, faded cerise or beige. These are all light nuances that go well with any stronger shades you might have in your bedroom. On the financial side of things, a new settee shouldn’t be too great of an investment. Even more elegant pieces can be found on sale, especially during the fall season and around the holidays. Also, a more convenient way to shop nowadays is online, where you can save hundreds if not thousands using special codes and coupons. You can view Home Accents II for more ideas and furniture information. 

You can never have enough pillows 

Typically, when people think of a beach theme, they imagine seashells, water, and sand. When it comes to pillows, let your imagination guide you. You can choose whatever sea pattern you’d like. However, one special detail to consider is fabric. For pillows, go with something special like silk or velvet, you will find the perfect amazon pillows for your needs online, just go inside the website and choose your favorite style and fabric. The softer it feels, the better. Another added bonus to silk pillows is that they are actually good for the skin, as they don’t dry it out, like cotton or other fabrics.

Include art 

If the beach is one of your all-time favorite spots in the world, the odds are, you’ve taken pictures of it. Choose your favorite and make a decent-sized copy of it – something that will go well over your bed. When choosing a frame, make sure it blends in well with the rug you draped over the headboard. On the other hand, if you prefer contrast, go for the opposite color of the rug to get that wow-factor. The trick is not to clutter your bedroom with pictures. Have one centerpiece and let that be the main attraction.


Pebble jars 

Another simple and inexpensive touch is a pebble jar. As the name already reveals, all you need is a jar and beach pebbles to fill it with. But, there is one special step that can make a pebble jar a functional piece of your decor – acolytes. You can place these in the middle of the jar and let them illuminate your arrangement. It won’t light up the room, but it will definitely create a romantic beach atmosphere that will help you relax and fall asleep after a long day. 

With these five simple steps, anyone can create their own beach style sanctuary, and feel like their own vacation every time they enter their bedroom.

Image Credit: Beach Style Bedroom from Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock



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