Top 5 Bedroom Trends for 2018

Top 5 Bedroom Trends for 2018


Our bedroom is considered the most private place a person can have. It is where people spend a significant bit of their life.  This room can significantly affect your sleep, productivity and overall well-being. If you have the luxury to sleep for eight hours a day, then you have mostly likely to spend 25 years in your bedroom – that is a noteworthy number. If you have a child who suffers from any sleeping problems despite having a comfortable bedroom, you should learn more about how ferber method can help.

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Different people means different taste in fashion, food, lifestyle and even bedroom décor. I may have like a bedroom with rusty cozy atmosphere, others may prefer a vibrant wallpaper with their favorite cartoon character. When it comes to the decoration of our bedroom no one can judge us, it is our preference. But some styles are more favorable to the general public and so here are the top five bedroom trends for the year 2018.

Dark Colored Room

Although it’s always nice to appreciate things in light, dark colored themed bedrooms are trending this year. Apart from the fact that darker rooms encourages your body to relax and go to sleep, it also adds elegance and sophistication. Darker rooms are also easy to manage because your obsessive-compulsive behavior will not be easily triggered because it is difficult to spot that small smudge of soil.

If you do not have the time to redecorate your entire bedroom, some simple changes can make you achieve that dark brooding theme. You can simply change your bed linen or window curtains splashed with dark colors such as deep hues, navies and grays.

Natural Texture and Materials

If you aspire your own bedroom to evoke texture, depth, integrity and natural materials then you might want to see woven themed bedrooms. The key aspect here is putting up natural textures together with specific craft materials. This theme is inspire by the saying “less is more”, like how you match metal jewelry with your body and outfit because the fashion and style of the material should rely on its natural characteristics. Natural materials such as Grey Oak, Woods and Rattan are great examples that display simplified style through their natural color and texture. You do not need to rely on sophisticated designs and decorative shapes because in woven the game is all about playing and mixing nature texture and materials.

Wellness Space

Since our respective bedrooms are the most sacred place we can have personally, it is only expected that is promotes our wellness. Another trend for 2018 are bedrooms that offers their human a general well-being and mindful space. Your room should have splashes of colors that promotes relaxation and calmness such as pastel hues. Also, furnish your bedroom with tactile linens and beddings. Make sure every item in your bed soothes your sense of touch and relaxes your mind. In addition, you can put scented candles to really soothe your spirit and help you achieve deep quality sleep every time you go to your bed.

Foldable Furniture and Storage

Our bedroom is equal to our personal space, and it is limited but if you incorporate fitted furniture and foldable storage you can create an almost magic extra space. Fitted furniture is about creating more space within a space. It is a great way to boost storage and exploit compounded areas in your bedroom. Many people nowadays cram in a small confined space in their condos and high-rise apartments. Fitted bedroom furniture sets and foldable storage bedroom are on trend because it is a solution to the relevant limited space problem of people, especially those living in major cities. The innovation is all about smart design and incorporating special racks, drawer fitments, hanging rails, pull-out shelves,  state-of-the-art compartments and even a Queen Murphy Bed.

Imperfecting Wabi-sabi Way

A Japanese-inspired bedroom trend, Wabi-Sabi is on trend for 2018. It is the way of incorporating homey feeling through accepting flaws and imperfection in the bedroom. It can be defined as a lifestyle wherein you accept that life is not person, your home is not perfect and that is an acceptable fact. No need to tuck in your crumpled and messy bed. Wabi-sabi is all about bedroom embraced by natural fabrics and linens, cluttered pillows, ragged edges and rough jagged surfaces.




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