A Fun-Size Guide To How To Make Paper Flowers At Home?

A Fun-Size Guide To How To Make Paper Flowers At Home?


Paper Flowers Craft is fun and looks elegant on picnics, holidays, or house parties. Moreover, this activity can even help you get your kids engaged in creating something adorable and useful. 

Most importantly Paper flowers can be made at home at an affordable price as a decoration. So, are you ready to get a fun tutorial on How to make flowers with paper?

Come on, let’s explore this fun-size guide to How to make paper flowers. 

Materials Required For Paper Craft Flowers.


Simple materials are required to make these charming Paper flowers. List includes:

  • 3 large sheets ( or various coloured tissue paper)- For Flowers 
  • Glue
  •  1 or 2 Green Chenille Stem- For Stems
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • 1 green sheet of construction paper- For Leaves

Materials you can use to decorate your paper flower:

  • Pom poms
  • Washi tape
  • Sequins
  • Ribbon
  • Beats

Materials you can use as an alternative to the above-mentioned materials if you don’t have include:

  • Any thin paper or scrapbook or card stock paper
  • Straws or Chopsticks

5 Easy Step How to Make Paper Flowers


These are the easy steps on How to make paper flowers. Also, if your question is How to make paper flowers at home? Then, just look at these steps! 

Step 1: Cut and Prepare your Tissue Paper for Petals.

  • Pile up three sheets of Tissue Paper one over another and cut into 12/6 inches sheets
  • For smaller or larger sizes flowers, you can cut sheets in sizes accordingly 
  • Cut your Tissue Paper of the same sizes in either rectangular or square shape.
  • Now pile up your sheets again after cutting and then start folding your tissue paper
  • Starting with a 6-inch side, make a one-inch fold.

Precaution: Cut all the sheets in similar sizes; otherwise, flowers will not make the way you want.

Step 2: Make Accordion Folds following rounding edges with Scissors.

Accordion Folds: 


Turn the tissue paper stack over and over the next fold, then turn it back for the fold afterward Repeat the same steps again and again.

Rounding Edges using Scissor: 

In this step, you have to cut off the ends after making according to folds to make petals. 

Trim the ends of piled-up tissue to make round edges. Trim both the ends of tissue paper and the petals of your beautiful papercraft flowers are prepared.

Precaution: Trimming should be done only by both ends carefully so that middle pets do not get disturbed.

Step 3: Adding Stem and Making Layers of Paper Flower.


Add Stem: To add a stem to your flower, make a loop in the middle of the petals using the Chenille stem. Bind the chenille around the petal, make it longer to hold.


Making Layers: Now, open up the tissue paper folds evenly from both ends. Make sure that petals don’t get torn.

Precaution: The stem should be bonded only in the middle of petals otherwise, the look of the flower will get disrupted.

Step 4: Spreading the Tissue Paper Sheets.

In this step, you have to separate the Tissue paper sheets you have made and then spread the petals of your flower. 

Your flower will look beautiful as it has recently bloomed.

Precaution: Take care while spreading the petals don’t get cracked.

Step 5: Add Pretty Green Leaves and Decorate your Flower Pot

This step is simple. Just fold your paper at about 2 inches with construction paper. Just Draw and cut out the leaves.

Paste either one or two leaves on the stem according to your choice.


It’s time to Decorate your beautiful Paper Flowers You can arrange and decorate them in a pretty vase, or you can just put them on your table decorating in a manner.


Hence, these were the simple five steps to How to make paper flowers at home. Just make these pretty and Easy flowers and add Beauty to your decoration of the house and holidays.


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