50 Stylish Canopy Beds to Make your Room Look Extraordinary

50 Stylish Canopy Beds to Make your Room Look Extraordinary


In the past when you needed a luxurious bedroom with extra effects, you would add a canopy bed. Beds with canopy add that extra bit of elegance in a room, but it also needs a proper perfection and good design idea.

Here are 50 graceful canopy beds that will take you towards a tasteful and classic dreams, while you sleep.

Do tell us, which idea did you like the most, and send us your entries if you have canopy designs in your kit.

1. Outdoor Canopy Beds

outdoor canopy beds

2. Dramatic Contrast

Dramatic Contrast

3. Montain Home

Montain Home

4. Cleare Interiors

Cleare Interiors

5. Exotic Style

Exotic Style

6. Country Home

Country Home


7. San Giorgio Hotel

San Giorgio Hotel

8. Romantic Oasis

Romantic Oasis

9. Jennifer Brouwer Design

Jennifer Brouwer Design

10. The Bed the central focus

The Bed the central focus

11. Soft Stripes

Soft Stripes

12. Luxurious and exotic Bali

Luxurious and exotic Bali


13. Willetts Design and Associates

Willetts Design and Associates

14. Natural Inspirations

Natural Inspirations

15. September


16. Echelon Custom Homes

Echelon Custom Homes

17. Exquisite Replica

Exquisite Replica

18. Floral Suite Bedroom

Floral Suite Bedroom

19. AFK Furniture

AFK Furniture

20. Color Balance

Color Balance

21. Mesa House

mesa house

22. Peggy Del Rosario

Peggy Del Rosario

23. Chic Panels

Chic Panels

24. Exotic Teak Bedroom

Exotic Teak Bedroom

25. Susan Jamieson

Susan Jamieson

26. Classic Cabana

Classic Cabana

27. Ryan Associates New Homes

Ryan Associates New Homes

28. Maison Canopy Bed

Maison Canopy Bed

29. Indoor Camping

Indoor Camping

30. Baldwin Street Girls Room

Baldwin Street Girls Room

31. Miles Redd

Miles Redd

32. Couple’s Retreat

Couple's Retreat

33. True Residence

True Residence

34. Gothic canopy bed

Gothic canopy bed

35. Golden Dreams

Golden Dreams

36. Closet


37. Giusti Portos

Giusti Portos

38. Lush Enclosure

Lush Enclosure

39. Edwards Residence

Edwards Residence

40. Dreamy St. Petersburg apartment

dreamy St. Petersburg apartment

41. Refined Style

Refined Style

42. Buckhead Residence

Buckhead Residence

43. Dark colors like black

Dark colors like black

44. Creamy Hues

Creamy Hues

45. Casa MoRo

Casa MoRo

46. Hungry Palette

Hungry Palette

47. Shenandoah Valley Horse

Shenandoah Valley Horse

48. Anouska Hempel

Anouska Hempel

49. Rooms to Inspire

Rooms to Inspire

50. The Irish Country House

The Irish Country House


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