50 Exclusive Bathroom Tile Ideas for Lifetime of Refreshments

50 Exclusive Bathroom Tile Ideas for Lifetime of Refreshments


Designing a bathroom is a tough ask, when you have a number of options available in the market for tile. There’s so many designs, so many textures, so many floor and wall tile materials that one can easily get confused.

To simplify your decisions contact bathtub reglazing in lakewood NJ or read this article to inspire you with current trends and some fantastic bathroom tile ideas that you can use for a lifetime of refreshment.

Here you will find 50 premium style bathroom designs that will showcase the floor, wall area and the ceiling, that are pretty and creative. I hope this post will make you decide which one will look good with your bedroom style, so choose wisely, because every piece of design is exclusive.

1. Modern Master bathroom

Modern Master bathroom

2. Travertine walls

Travertine walls

3. Tile Bathtub Surround

Tile Bathtub Surround

4. Bold Blue

Bold Blue

5. Use Various Tile Shapes in Different Colors

Use Various Tile Shapes in Different Colors

6. Powder Room

Powder Room


7. Metal backsplash

Metal backsplash

8. Shower Tile Designs

Shower Tile Designs

9. Striking Bath

Striking Bath

10. Pay Attention to the Details

Pay Attention to the Details

11. Modern Steam Shower

Modern Steam Shower

12. Patterned tile wall

Patterned tile wall


13. Bathroom Tile Designs as Accent

Bathroom Tile Designs as Accent

14. A Bright Red Bathroom

A Bright Red Bathroom

15. Keep Floors and Walls the Same

Keep Floors and Walls the Same

16. Parisian Inspired Master Bathroom Design

Parisian Inspired Master Bathroom Design

17. Mosaic vanity wall

Mosaic vanity wall

18. Patterned Bath

Patterned Bath

19. Bathroom


20. Tumbled slate

Tumbled slate

21. Nautical Chandelier

Nautical Chandelier

22. 1909 Revisited

1909 Revisited

23. Glass & subway tile

Glass & subway tile

24. Antique French Bathroom

Antique French Bathroom

25. Baths


26. Raised tile backsplash

Raised tile backsplash

27. Lime Green Bath

Lime Green Bath

28. Modern Ensuite

Modern Ensuite

29. Travertine floors

Travertine floors

30. Parisian Bathroom

Parisian Bathroom

31. Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

32. Porcelain


33. Traditional White Bathroom

Traditional White Bathroom

34. Shower


35. Hexagon mosaic

Hexagon mosaic

36. Bright Black Bath

Bright Black Bath

37. Residential Remodel

Residential Remodel

38. Basket-weave


39. Sleek Powder Room

Sleek Powder Room

40. Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple

41. Clean lines

Clean lines

42. Retro Chic Bathroom

Retro Chic Bathroom

43. West Linn Master Suite

West Linn Master Suite

44. A Pink Bathroom

A Pink Bathroom

45. Mid-North Residence

Mid-North Residence

46. Blue and White Tiled Bath

Blue and White Tiled Bath

47. Hancock Park Residence

Hancock Park Residence

48. A Traditional Bathroom

A Traditional Bathroom

49. Glasgow Bathroom

Glasgow Bathroom

50. A Spalike Bathroom

A Spalike Bathroom


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