The Most Stylish Apartments with Monochromatic Color Schemes

The Most Stylish Apartments with Monochromatic Color Schemes


Whoever said that homes decorated exclusively in black and white have to be minimalistic? Even without vivid and exuberant colors, there are still plenty of other ways to show creativity and individuality through decor.

The three homes featured in this post make the most of their monochromatic color themes by incorporating an abundance of art ranging from fine paintings to pop art prints and impressive sculptures, and a nice wall paints made by the Madani GroupIf professionals . Still you’re a collector of creative items or want to expand your current collection, these homes might inspire some interesting techniques for displaying artwork you love. Let’s take a look!

Home 1

This first home by Boom Project is located in an apartment in Odessa, Ukraine. It makes a huge first impression with a watercolor spanning the entire length of the sofa, centering the room and uniting the black and white interior palette. It’s just one of those apartments that truly stands out above the rest.

Home 2

A steel and wood table and shelving system creates an implied wall between the living room and the kitchen. The shelves host a little indoor garden on the sunny side, and even the voids offer room for ornamentation including a weeping fig tree and a series of hanging pendant lamps.

Home 3

It’s easy to see that this home is anything but minimalistic. It’s intended to be enjoyed, rather than serving strictly as a curation project – each space gains its energy from the signs of life and living.


Home 4

A long stripe of textural black material hides recessed light strips, enhancing its contrast to the lighter concrete walls behind it.

Home 5

Gallery lighting is a hot trend right now, but here it actually serves its namesake purpose – illuminating the rows of pop art prints on either side. A low shelf to the left holds a few intriguing black and white photographs in line with the interior theme.

Home 6

The small home is surprisingly bright despite its primarily dark decor thanks to its substantial windows and bright white wall and ceiling. The simple interior palette actually provides a kind of blank canvas to allow the artwork to take center stage.


Home 7

Matte black cabinetry makes the light gray worktops and backsplash seem radiant in comparison. A mirror to the left reflects some light back into the kitchen and makes the room feel larger. The wooden slat divider on the right lends a creative touch and would be simple to emulate.Home 8

Another high contrast apartment concept from Boom Design – it’s a little more minimal than the last, but still quite homey and decorative. This one uses wood elements more sparingly and shows a stronger trend toward stark black and white rather than full grayscale.

Home 9

Artistic elements on the shelf include shapely vases,colorful boxes, a geometric pitcher, the iconic Eames house bird, and a few clever nods to typography. The table features an empty hourglass sculpture.

Home 10

Most of the wood occupies a single stripe down the middle of the room, consisting of the shelving system and the dining table. Lovely white vases offer a decorative geometric touch.

Home 11

Remember the charcoal stripe in the first home? This interpretation of the gray full-wall stripe delivers some tempting inspiration as well. This time, it terminates in a black accent wall that wraps around the corner and evenly splits the matte panel.

Home 12

The kitchen is streamlined and unobtrusive even in such close proximity with the living room. A decal or mural of a man reading a book peeks out from the uppermost left corner.

Home 13

The attention to framing and proportion is incredible. Overall, the composition of this black and white interior is just as artful as the objects that inhabit it.

Home 14

This chic Scandinavian-style apartment is the work of M1TOS. It occupies only 53 meters squared yet feels as free and open as the sky. From the lovingly distressed whitewashed floors to the affordable IKEA furniture and decor, this is a look almost anyone could emulate given the motivation.

Home 15

Immediately eye-catching, the living room centers on a geometric Lappljung Ruta rug. The magazine side table is from IKEA’s PS line by Polish designer Tomek Rygalik – the lamp is actually part of the table itself, an extension of one of the rear table legs.

Home 16

Colorful prints of cities and bird line the walls. The coordinated filing boxes on the upper shelves are a cool idea, a clever way to extend the amount of availablestorage without breaking the strict color theme of the room.

Home 17

Turquoise is a fabulous accent color for a small space like this. It’s bright, playful, and makes a huge impression even when used in sparing amounts.

Home 18

Of course, no IKEA-themed room would be complete without the Maskros pendant lamp.

Home 19

Both the table mat and the utility cart are from IKEA as well, from the PANNÅ and RASKOG lines respectively. This angle also reveals the oh-so-subtle textural treatment applied to the white walls on the right.

Home 20

Diverse patterns are eclectic but unified through the same black and white theme. One point to note is that the turquoise doesn’t appear in any of the geometric blocks – it’s used strictly as a solid accent to avoid overwhelming the eye.

Home 21

Tiles create an interesting contrast, both in terms of hue and texture. The white tiles have a dimpled surface, whereas the black tiles feature a glossy sheen.

Home 22

Because the entrance didn’t have any natural lighting to begin with, the designers took the risky leap of painting the walls matte black – transforming what could have been a weakness into a bold and beautiful strength.

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